Everyday Makeup Guide tips and tricks

Everyday Makeup Guide tips and tricks

Everyday Makeup Guide tips and tricks is a basic tutorial for those women who do not know how to do light or party makeup for going outside. They need to go into beauty parlors and hence cause the wastage of time and money as well. It would be quite beneficial for them if they know the basics of doing makeup. I assure you if one will follow the guidelines provided in the Everyday Makeup Guide, she will not need to go parlor at all. You can also read Home Based Beauty Treatments.

This will save her time and money also. She will be able to groom herself at home and will able to increase her beauty and look. You will find these tips and guidelines in the Style magazine.

In top Fashion Magazines, you can see different styles and trends of makeup. Makeup changes one’s entire look. By the means of makeup, you can adopt every kind of Street Fashion. But one thing you need to know that your makeover should be according to your Apparel.
Now here below Fashionblogdays.com will guide you the basics Makeup tips to follow while wearing makeup.

Start by cleansing the Face – Makeup Guide:

Start by cleansing the Face Makeup Guide

The most important thing is that the women do not apply makeup on fresh and clean skin.
According to Vogue experts: “If your skin is rightly cleaned and fresh then your makeup will definitely turn right”.


Use a good quality cleanser (prefer Asos products) to remove any sort of dirt or hardening radicals from your skin.
After using skin cleanser use toner to make your face skin smooth and fresh.

Pick the right Foundation:


Pick the right Foundation

It is the misconception between females that they do not know the best shade for them.No doubt it is hard to find the best match foundation for your face. For this, you can follow the instructions and advice given in Vogue magazine.

It also to know what is your skin type. Mickle Richard the Fashion Stylist said that there are different foundations for different types of skins. For dry skin, you can choose the Dewy foundation. For oily type skin, you choose Matte Finish foundation. Whereas Satin foundation is suitable for most types of skins.

Before using shades on your face try it on your wrist or neck and check whether it is a reasonable shade for your skin tone or not.While making up yourself sit at a place with proper light. Make sure the foundation to blend properly. If you have Acne and Scars on your face use a concealer on them first. To remove Acne, Scars, and Under dark eye circles permanently from your face, You can read other Beauty tips.

How to Apply Foundation – Makeup Guide:

How to Apply Foundation Makeup Guide

Applying Foundation is an art in itself. Different ways are adopted to apply foundation with different shades. Foundation applying tools must be used properly and correctly. Some females use their fingertips for applying and finishing it off, which is also a reasonable and cheaper method. Good quality Sponges are also used and they really give good blend. Foundation brushes are specially made tools for this specific purpose. They help to give a flawless look.

Let your makeup last All the Day:

Let your makeup last All the Day

Here I am revealing a top-secret of Fashion Blog that if you want your makeup to last long the day, then apply setting/base powder or setting spray on your face after doing makeup.

Apply Face powder – Makeup Guide:

Apply Face powder - Makeup Guide

These products are used to make your skin look brighter in tone. They are Applied by brushes and are available easily in the market. Use soft hands while making up by base powders. Do not use them in excess quantity. Remember that Skin tone should match with Women’s clothes.

Apply blush on:


These are the cosmetic product that adds glowing effects on the chicks of females. Do not use so much blush-on on your face that your face becomes red. It is used just for light shades of what you have wearing. In the last Fashion show of London fashion week, many Models added blush-on which matches their Fashion Apparel.

Apply Lipstick – Makeup Guide:


Apply Lipstick - Makeup Guide

Lipstick is the most commonly used cosmetic product. It is used by each and every woman on different occasions.
Their purpose is to enhance the shape and beauty of lips, making them attractive and desirable. It comes in different shades and qualities. Lipstick has a direct attachment with the Fashion Trends so it should be chosen with great care.

Eye Makeover:

Eye Makeover

At last but not least, The most prominent and elegant part of your face, Your eyes.
Give prominent effects to your eyes by using different eye makeup tools. It includes Eye Lash Curler, Eye Liner, Eye Brow Straighter, Mascara, Eye Shadows, Eye Pencil, etc. These tools help your eyes to appear prominent and dark. It will increase your eye volume and Lashes. use these tools according to your need and dressed apparel.
Keep following the tips and advice of Fashion Blog Days for your personal grooming which are based on Style and Fashion Tips of Fashion Magazines

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