Skin Care using Natural Fruits

Skin Care using Natural Fruits


Skin Care using Natural Fruits provides you the basic knowledge of using natural fruits for skin treatment. Fruits are the parts of flowering plants that are rich in vitamins and minerals having a sweet, sour, and mixed taste. They are many essential for the growth of the body cells and in addition, provide many other benefits. It includes disease prevention, cell building, skin glowing, and beauty.

We will focus here on how these natural fruits useful for skin beauty and are beneficial for the betterment of the skin. Some of these fruits are

Banana for skincare:

Banana for skincare

Banana is a sweet and delicious fruit that is easily available in the market. This fruit is also used in many Herbal and Natural beauty care. Banana is a wondrous fruit for skincare. In some Australian Fashion shows different designers use the theme of banana for their costumes. Banana is rich in vitamin B-6, vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fibers. These nutrients are advised by the Fashion Stylists for the glowing skin and eye=catching Look.

Applying Banana paste on your face provides smooth and soft skin. The other uses of banana are summarized below.

Skincare Benefits of using Banana:

  • Smooth the rough and dry skin
  • reduces cracks and breakouts on an oily skin
  • Useful for acne-causing germs
  • zinc in banana fights acne germs
  • Amino acids in the banana are useful for skin nourishment.
  • It is useful for keeping skin elasticity.
  • Vitamin E hinders and slows the skin aging process.

LEMON use for skincare using Natural Fruits

LEMON use for skincare using Natural Fruits

Lemon being used extensively among all skin tonic, skin products, and treatments. No one can deny the benefits and its uses against skin treatment. The lemon citrus juice becomes the style ingredient for skin tonic in most of the beauty parlors.

Almost all of the women use lemon at home for their skin. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is necessary to have a Celine Dion look. It also contains a healthy amount of fiber, potassium, and zinc which are important bodybuilding assets. As concerned with its benefits for skin, it renders marvelous effects for skin beauty. Skin Care using Natural Fruits gives you all the information about lemon uses.

Skincare Benefits of Lemon

  • Due to its bleaching properties, it is used for lightening the skin.
  • Used as a mask for cleansing.
  • Lemon and white egg masks prevent wrinkles.
  • Reduces dead skin cells using Lemon scrubs.
  • Lemon and rose water mixture gives glowing and radiant skin.

Strawberry use for Natural Beauty – Skin Care using Natural Fruits

This becomes the Street style to have the love for this sweet little heart like fruit. Many models, Top Fashion Designers especially women like this fruit very much. The famous singer Celine Dion loves strawberry fruit.

Here you can obtain information for all types of Skin Care using Natural Fruits. Now comes towards the benefits of this red sweet fruit. It is a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and folic acid. It has awesome effects on the skin which are as follows

Skincare Benefits of Strawberry

  • Prevents wrinkles on the skin.
  • It Wipes away acne from the skin.
  • Strawberry removes extra skin oil.
  • It protects from UV( ultraviolet radiation).
  • It has skin lightening agents.
  • Strawberry juice is used to remove dark skin spots.

Use for Apples for Skin Care using Natural Fruits

Use for Apples for Skin Care using Natural Fruits

It is a well-known quote that, ” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away “. Fashionblogdays experts say that “An apple a day, keeps a dermatologist away “. Apple the most important fruit among the list of Skin Care using Natural Fruits. In Fashion Magazines, it is advised to the models and Fashion lovers must use apple to enjoy healthful life. Regarding health features, it has various applications for skin beauty.

Skincare Benefits of Apples

  • Apple provides skin glowing.
  • It removes extra radicals of skin.
  • Vitamin C in the apple keeps the skin smooth and elastic.
  • Applying apple juice on the face keeps your skin fresh.

Use of oranges for Skincare using Natural Fruits

Use of oranges for Skin care using Natural Fruits

The orange is a fruit of citrus family and is added to the list of Skin Care using Natural Fruits because of its magic on the skin glowing. It is also the most used fruit worldwide for skin treatment in a variety of ways. Many Asos products contain orange as an ingredient… It also many health-related benefits. It has a good amount of Vitamin A and E, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Skincare Benefits of Oranges

  • Orange oil moisturizes the skin.
  • The orange peel powder can be used in face masks.
  • Vitamin C in orange helps to remove acne scars.
  • Magnesium in orange gives a young and fresh face look.
  • It anti-aging features for the skin.

You can use these strategies, Beauty tips, and tricks for your skincare. We personally use these techniques and get really amazing results. We recommend you try it and share your results, thoughts, and Question in the comment section.

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