Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Latest Mehndi design which is also termed as “Heena” is a word that is specifically associated with women and girls. Mehndi is a sign of happiness. It depicts one’s inner feelings and its best source of presentation of love and affection towards a special person or a specific event. It is the place where you will get the Latest Mehndi Designs and mehndi images for Hands, foot, arms, and shoulders. We shall recommend you to read this article completely then you will able to get all that we want to deliver to you. I am quite sure that this is going to be one of the best articles in the history of Fashion Blog days. So let’s get into “Top and Best Mehndi Designs 2020-Beautiful Girl’s Latest Mehndi Design” to deeply understand it’s specialty and features.

Historical background of Mehndi

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020
Every Fashionable Beautiful girl wants to apply mehndi on her hands and arms. But I do believe that there were a few persons that aware of its ancient history. From where this trend came from? Who was the pioneer of this famous and glamorous Fashion essential named Mehndi?
For the interest building of our viewers and regular readers, we have gathered some of the interesting information.

What is Mehndi? How it is produced?

Actually, it is a herbal product. It is a small plant named Henna. The red color naturally comes from its leaves. Its leaves are dried, crushed and a paste is made from them. This paste leaves a red color on the human body.

Where this trend comes from?

About 9000 years ago Egypt was the first who used this plant for coloring his hands and foot. They also used to preserve their mummies by coloring them with henna Mehndi, Because one of its properties was to slow down the decomposing process.
It was also used by warrior tribes in the celebration of victory. Mehndi was also used as a treatment option by ancient Hakeem. As a natural herb, Mehndi is also used as sunblock.
From Egypt, these trends came into Hindustan by the means of the Great Mughal Empire. The Mughal Queens used the Mehndi Designs at weddings and other functions.
I hope that this little information will be quite interesting to you. Here in Top and Best Mehndi Designs 2020. You will also get many unique and expressive Mehndi Art designs.

Mehndi Designs and Trends in Different Areas

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Mehndi is the intellectual language of joy-ness. It has a different significance and importance in different areas and various regions. Mehndi is adopted by women in different styles and Art trends. At the start, Mehndi was only used by girls on their wedding ceremony. It was an essential part of their makeup. It gives a BeautyFashion mehndi that should be quite suitable for the bridal’s apparel. This Mehndi is very famous in Asian countries as it was the tradition of their ancestors. The Muslims, Hindus and Sikh families are the front followers of this trend and tradition.
Let’s have a look at Top and Best Mehndi Designs 2020 for different Mehndi Designs popular in Different regions.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Trends for Girls

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020


Arabian mehndi is the best-known category in Mehndi designs. It has a vast range of versatility and innovation. The Arabic mehndi is the most popular style of Mehndi as its matchless motifs and elegant pattern of Mehndi make it loveable and causes an increase in its acceptance. The Arabic Mehndi helps to make a girl more alluring and pretty. These tantalizing motifs and Latest Mehndi Designs are adopted in every region of Asia as well as of European countries. Their excellence and beauty make them stand alone in Fashion. Arabic designs are also known as the Evergreen Mehndi trends and Designs.

Traditional Asian Mehndi Designs 2020

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020
Asia as you know the house of the pioneers of the Mehndi Culture over the world. The craze, the need the expertise, and the bundle of traditions and designs will be found here. There is a flood of the Mehndi lovers. They used to apply mehndi on their hands, arm, and feet. Different designs are associated with the nature of the function. Light and simple Mehndi designs are used for regular parties, Eid events, Dewali, and other such events. Whereas heavy and dark colors and design of mehndi is used at weeding and other such dominating events.

Best Indian Mehndi Designs for Weeding

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

A wedding is a particular event that has a great influence on any religion. It also brings two persons and two families together. Although Wedding events have a great significance in any religion but in addition, a wedding ceremony is incomplete for a woman without the Rasam of Mehndi (Henna). The Bridal Mehndi motifs are usually very heavy and are applied on full hands and arms as well as on feet. It is believed that the dark color of Mehndi on the Hands of bridal brings happiness and good luck in her life. The mehndi night before the wedding ceremony is an important occasion for Asian families. They celebrate this Mehndi rasam by gathering and dancing with joy.

Best Mehndi Designs for Formal Events

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

At ancient times the mehndi is affiliated only with the wedding and other religious events celebration. But with the passage of time and its acceptance over the new coming generation makes some changes in its usage. First, it was used and applied for celebration now it is being used in the sense of Fashion. It is used by the sought to amplify their beauty and looks. For this purpose, they introduced many of the light and magnificent Style patterns in Mehndi Motifs. Now the use of mehndi is routine is common. Probably most of the girls apply mehndi at home, in small parties or birthday functions etc. The formal looks are quite light and short in volume rather than the heavy Wedding Mehndi patterns.

Best Mehndi Designs HD for Hands

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Some of the girls only like to apply mehndi on their hands. There numerous designs and attractive Mehndi patterns that are used for magnifying the hand beauty.

Best Mehndi Designs HD for Foot and Arms

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Rajasthani Best Latest Mehndi design images in HD

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Rajasthani Mehndi DEsigns are supposed to be very interesting designs as the Rajasthani motifs have a unique pattern. This Mehndi design pattern depicts its massive culture and living style. I think that Rajasthan is only the place where the women always have their hands colored with Mehndi. This the day to day routine of their tradition. Moreover, the Rajasthani Mehndi patterns are based on the peacock style. Although Rajasthani Henna style has limited motif patterns due to its resemblance to Arabic mehndi its new designs are coming in the Fashion World.

3D Latest Mehndi design

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

With the introduction of the concept of 3d in the Fashion era, things become more intellectual and attractive. A new look and effect are also given to the Mehndi Designs for fancy and regular use. With a little more coloring and adding stones with professional mehndi designs, this trend had made its space in the Fashion industry. Now in many famous beauty parlors, the Mehndi experts are also offering the 3d mehndi designs. These designs can be applied to formal as well as party events. New and young emerging generations prefer 3d designs instead of regular mehndi styles.

Europian Latest Mehndi design and Trends

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020

Mehndi is one of those trends and traditions that is introduced to European countries by the subcontinental Asians. The English nation is highly influenced and showed a positive and attractive attitude toward this tradition of Asia. But as always their way of adopting the things is different. Rather than using mehndi colors, they stared a new trend of tattoos that are permanently printed on their bodies. This trend points to the sign of power, straight and proud. But still there exist the sense of mehndi designs. But the trend is changed most of the English girls are applying stylish mehndi designs on their back, their shoulder, neck, and belly according to their dressing. They use mehndi for their parties and formal functions as a new innovation to their culture.

How to Find Top and Best Latest Mehndi design 2020

Top Beautiful and Latest Mehndi design 2020
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