Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted

Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted

Growth is not growth if you are the sole beneficiary of it. We believe in growing together. Thus we create opportunities for potential writers to write articles for our website. We are hunting for people with a heightened knowledge of business, finance, cryptocurrency, and credit card. Loan. investment, accounting, sales, insurance, and other such topics to add value for our readers.  So if you have such knowledge and the ability to transfer that knowledge into words in a good manner, it’s a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent, grow, make links, and for others to build, expand, and manage their business and finances. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for business write for us as it can be a win-win and win situation for you us, and our readers. If you can write an engaging and value-adding guest post, it will increase awareness, inspire the readers, help you expand your audience base, and help the company grow further.

Terms And Conditions Of Writing For Us

We love seeing people enthusiastically wanting to write for us but make sure that you know and accept all the terms and conditions for business write for us before jumping to researching and writing.

  • We are big on providing accuracy and quality. So your written content must be well-structured in style, grammar, and composition.
  • We retain every right to reject or remove (if published) your written piece from our website if it is already being published on any other website.
  • We don’t accept plagiarised content so the content should be unique and doesn’t have any resemblance with previously published content.
  • We respect our visitor’s time and don’t present them with repeated or no-value content. So make sure to check for our recently addressed topics and make sure that your content adds value.
  • We don’t appreciate posts that dress the obvious facts or answer questions like why my finance business needs a website. You can write success stories, case studies, and data-supported posts. 
  • Craft post only that is relevant to the business and finance category. You can cover topics like Marketing, Finance, Business Sales Remote work, Work culture, E-commerce, Cryptocurrencies, and more such topics.
  • We don’t appreciate negative or controversial content, especially the one that negatively targets our competitors. Your content should be balanced. That means it should neither be too promotional nor too provoking.
  • We offer you a great opportunity to help a community that can reward you more than you can think. So focus on providing solutions to the problems and challenges our visitors may face regarding their business and finance. So that you should not be writing blocks of text but blocks of solutions.
Terms And Conditions Of Writing For Us
Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted

Instructions To Follow For Sending Us Your Written Pieces

We publish content on our website following a defined pattern, to keep the website consistent, and appealing to the eye. Below we mention some notable ones to save you time and keep our blog maintained.

  • The submitted article should not exceed the limit of 1000-1500 words.
  • The article’s title should not exceed the limit of 50-55 characters.
  • The article should follow a well-designed heading structure where information should be divided into headings and sub-headings to ensure easy reading. 
  • Each sentence should not exceed 20 words and has minimal usage of passive voice sentences.
  • Content should be well-balanced to fulfill the requirements of both users and SEO. However, the core purpose should be to provide our readers with tips that can help them in the long run.
  • You can use over 5 outbound links per article if you choose to add them. But if you decide to link the article to your site, you can’t add more than 1 follow and 1 non-follow backlink, with any one of both having a relevant keyword. However, we have all the control of removing any link if it is irrelevant, harmful to the website, or is linked just for the sake of linking and serves no value.
Instructions To Follow For Sending Us Your Written Pieces
Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted

Which Guest Post Will Make It To Our Website?

As mentioned earlier, we have strict guidelines to craft any post. You should always follow them before business write for us. The reason is that, if you send us a post, we will check it up to the above-mentioned guidelines. Also, you should closely read our blog post requirements. So if you send us a post that is aligned with our guidelines and has the potential to add value for our users, your written piece will be published on our website.

Which Guest Post Will Make It To Our Website
Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted

Which Guest Post Will Not Make It To Our Website?

If you want to submit your post and want us to publish it on our website as well, make sure to thoroughly go through our site. Check if any similar post is being published already. If yes, just don’t send it. Instead, make sure to craft a post that is unique and addresses something valuable our site didn’t address before to boost your post’s chances of getting published.  Also, ensure that your article topic should be relevant to the business and finance category. Hence, any post which is irrelevant, pre-published, or serves no value or information will not be published on our website.

Which Guest Post Will Not Make It To Our Website
Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted

Who Do We Encourage To Write For Us?

We do go through all the posts that we receive to be published on our site, and we publish them as well if we do find them relevant and valuable for our users. However, we highly encourage bloggers, content writers, marketers, and professional authors to write for us. Professionals who have a deep-rooted knowledge relevant to business and finance rather than superficial research of the field. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses by sharing valuable information and tips that can help their businesses grow, manage their finances and provide solutions for other such challenges they face. That’s why all other posts that are published on our blog are crafted by business bloggers, industry professionals, seasoned businessmen, and marketing experts. So if you have the potential to craft unique, wise, insightful, and value-adding content that can help start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, we would love to have you serving our readers with your expertise. One more thing that we highly appreciate about the writer is that he/she can craft non-promotional and unbiased content with the sole purpose of helping our readers build and grow their businesses and not hurt the sentiments of our community or competitors. So if you are passionate about business write for us and help our reader community,  you can write on digital marketing, business, niche insurance, finance, entrepreneurship, business blogging, investment, startup, credit card, social media marketing, SEO marketing, and other relevant topics.

Who Do We Encourage To Write For Us
Write For Us Business And Finance Category Accepted


To wind this up all, we must mention we cannot respect and appreciate you more for taking out time to business write for us. If we can we would have published all of your posts. But we are aiming to serve a serious community that actually comes here to find solutions for the challenges that are burdening them. So it is an even bigger responsibility on our shoulders. But if you are enthusiastic about providing solutions to our community problems, and have potential information to share, we are always open to welcoming you no matter if you are a field expert or not. The purpose is and will remain to serve people with solutions, and helpful insights in any manner possible.

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