Is Political Science a Good Major?

Political science is a good major since it opens up a variety of employment options both inside and outside of government and politics and gives you the chance to hone your political research, data analysis, interpersonal communication, and writing abilities.

Remember that a political science bachelor’s degree is just the beginning for a political scientist. According to Career Explorer, a doctorate is the most common degree held among political scientists (77%), followed by a master’s degree (13%). 10% of people choose to get a bachelor’s degree. Though political science is a versatile degree, there are numerous post-graduate opportunities available. Political science paths can be continued in law school, or you can search for top-tier master’s or doctoral programs in public administration or diplomacy. There are plenty of professional opportunities in both public and private companies, even if you choose to settle for a bachelor’s degree. There will be several entry-level white-collar jobs in a range of administrative, communication, data analysis, research, fundraising, campaign, and other areas.

What Is Political Science ?

 Is Political Science a Good Major

Political science, which falls under the category of social sciences, is the study of politics and everything connected to it. Political science is more explicitly interested in governing, political institutions, constitutional law, and how they relate to society.

What are the likely career paths for political science majors ?

 Is Political Science a Good Major

A political science major offers a solid basis for employment or further study in a variety of professions. Political science prepares students for employment in practically any field, including business, finance, consulting, government work, foreign service, and teaching, by enhancing analytical reading, research, analysis, and writing skills. A degree in political science is also a vital asset when applying for graduate programs in the social sciences, law, business, social work, education, international affairs, and, of course, political science. 

Things You Can Do with a Political Science Degree

 Is Political Science a Good Major

A satisfying job as a reporter, correspondent, broadcast news analyst, public relations professional, writer, market research analyst, or management analyst may be prepared for you by bachelor programs that offer good political science majors.

Policy Analyst

 Is Political Science a Good Major

Analysts of public policies do study and assess present and upcoming regulations. The majority of the time, they examine how political policies, including those pertaining to immigration or the environment, have affected or will affect constituents. They are responsible for gathering and analyzing information from numerous sources, such as surveys, focus groups, and election results.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in political science or international relations is required to work as a policy analyst. You can obtain vital skills, such as a knowledge of the law and a familiarity with the needs of the position, through internships with parliamentarians or within government agencies. Government agencies as well as other public policy and legal institutions employ policy analysts.

Public relations specialist

 Is Political Science a Good Major

The reputation and brand of a corporation are developed, molded, and maintained by public relations professionals. It is the responsibility of public relations specialists to spot media opportunities, keep up with ongoing media interactions, and increase positive public perception of the business through external communications. Public relations professionals can work for an agency or in-house. Specialists in public relations work in most sectors.

Political Consultant

 Is Political Science a Good Major

A profession as a political consultant may be the one with the closest ties to politics for a political science major. According to the job description, a political consultant is very helpful to a candidate when they are running for office. Political consultants are able to sway public opinion in favor of their clients through their understanding of politics and public opinion as well as the tactics they acquired in school.

Market Research Analyst

 Is Political Science a Good Major

You can get the chance to conduct research through interviews, surveys, literature reviews, and public opinion polls as a market research analyst. You might understand popular perspectives and attitudes regarding numerous topics by using the data that was gathered.

Governments may utilize this study to comprehend the effects of policy changes in society, but it may also be done with respect to products or services. A market research analyst might also assess the public perception of political campaigns.

Management Analyst

 Is Political Science a Good Major

You could assist corporations, organizations, nonprofits, and governmental entities in their examination of current practices and policies as a management analyst.

In this role, you can learn about current issues and procedures and conduct a detailed study of the current situation. Then, you can be in a position to offer suggestions to develop more effective procedures within the company or organization.

Why do people major in political science?

 Is Political Science a Good Major

First, the field is crucial to a liberal education because it addresses fundamental concerns in Western and, in fact, world philosophy, including justice, rights, and the relationship between the person and the state. Second, studying political science offers the chance to gain knowledge about both the United States and the rest of the world. Thirdly, it aids students in comprehending some of the most important public policy concerns. Fourth, political science offers analytical techniques that are helpful in both personal and professional life, much like other social science fields.

Is Political Science a Hard Major?

 Is Political Science a Good Major

Since political science is a social science, unlike programs in information technology or engineering, the degree requirements do not include advanced math or science courses. Reading, research, analytical reasoning, writing, and good communication abilities are all necessary for this major.


The scientific study of politics is known as political science. It is a social science that studies political behavior, political ideas, associated constitutions and laws, and systems of power and governance.

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