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Fashion Magazine are published by the top fashion designer for the publicity of fashion trends.The people takes much interest in the fashion news discussed in the magazines.The magazine covers national, international and local fashion and beauty trends.Fashion lovers are so curious to read these published Fashion magazines women interested in fashion shows, beauty and a trendy lifestyle love to have them.The top among the magazines have details of designed dresses of Top Clothing and clothing brands.The pictures of great models with the in fashion clothes and walking on the red carpet are a source of the publicity of the hottest fashion trendsSeventeen magazine is an American teenager’s magazine which inspires girls to became model.Girls which are between the age of 18-21 are the strong readers of this magazine.Most popular magazines like Glamour Magazine and Style magazine took romance and fashion oriented approach in their material.Fashion Magazine tells the local linked world about the new and classy upcoming fashion and it urge the people to adopt fashions showed in the Fashion shows.