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Trending Fashion Shows And Fashion Weeks In Jan 2020

We all hear or use the word fashion on a daily basis. Whenever we see or wear something unique and eyecatching that enhances our personality or makes us stand out among others- we quote it as fashion and that is true to much extent. Here we are going to highlight upcoming Trending Fashion Shows.

But fashion is much more than just this. Fashion is an activity about the way we style our appearance. we make ourselves distinctive through fashion so yeah it has become an integral part of everybody’s life. No one has escaped from the clutches of fashion. As we all know Fashion is something that never stays the same. It is always changing and this change is dynamic.

So here comes the question of how we get to know about the latest or changing fashion trends? And here I am with the answer to this very question and that is “fashion shows” When we hear the word “fashion show”, what is the first thing or should we say things come in your mind.

They are definitely the magnificent clothing, the attractive accessories, the stunning models, the enchanting scenery, the soft music, and the mesmerizing environment that take a hold of you in minutes. Nowadays we see fashion shows are being held everywhere. some of them are of the national level and some of them have got recognition at the international level and have a big pool of audience trailing after them.

Here today we are going to discuss in detail some world’s best Trending Fashion Shows coming in January 2020.

So hold your heats and be ready to know about some spectacular fashion shows that are going to capture your mind with their stunning and eyecatching fashion and are going to provide you ingredients that will make you prominent among your pals. So without wasting much time, let’s delve right into their detail.


Venue:  Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France


It is the number 1 leading fashion trading show in the world. They create fashion trends for every season and held a magnificent fashion show twice every year in January and September. They specifically display women wear.

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles offers ready-to-wear, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle, as well as a complete program of conferences and workshops. This show held in  Europe every year. Buyers, brands, journalists, and trade settlers from more than 100 countries design fashion trend for this show.

This fashion show is an immense source of fashion trends for fashion lovers. They even change the course of market trends that much of the influence this fashion show has. This event is being organized by “WHO” event organizers. The timing of this fashion show id predicted to be from 9 is to 7pm.The venue and date of the happening of this show are mentioned above. Its ticket will be paid. Its category is apparel and clothing. And fashion and beauty.

Paris Haute Couture Week

20-23 January

Paris Haute Couture Week

Paris Haute week has always been a spectacle for the eyes. The designs that are presented in this fashion show are always unique and heart touching because the coutures that are shown here are made by the personalities having big names in the fashion industry. If you look at their past shows, you will not only see an amazing collection of couture but also you will be surprised to know the stories that are attached to their creation.

these stories are surely gonna get your all attention. There are many famous brands associated with this show like last time there were brands like channel, Givenchy, Dior, etc that did a collaboration to be in this show and present their marvelous collection. They surely had exceptional creativity last time and we hope to get that creativity this year also They have not revealed their schedule yet but it will be coming soon. So don’t forget to follow this fashion show to get knowledge of some new fashion trends.

Copenhagen Fashion Week


Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen fashion week is getting bigger every year and there is no doubt about the unique and astonishing fashion designs they introduce. Scandinavian fashionistas surely know how to dress. They always amaze us by their enchanting fashion styles. Last year’s event was magnificent and marvelous and had a great influence on the audience.

In last year’s event, they had many great fashion designers and I would like to mention their names here. They were  BLANCHE, HELMSTEDT, and FREYA DALSJO. Their schedule is coming soon. So keep follow them to get regular updates and get to know about their marvelous fashion sense.

Berlin Fashion Week – Trending Fashion Shows

13-17 January 2020

Venue: berlin

Berlin Fashion Week - Trending Fashion Shows

One of the youngest and marvelous fashion week began in 2007. It exhibits the phenomenal works of young and vibrant designers and is held in berlin. The berlin partner GmbH along with the Berlin senate are among the organizers of this event.

BERLIN fashion week is held twice every year and showcase collections from all genres within the timeframe of a week. The larger trade fairs and platforms, such as “the panorama Berlin”. Premium groups (including show and order and seek),  neonate, and the fashion council Germany have agreed to the dates of winter/autumn presentations of berlin fashion week. So don’t miss out on the chance to visit this show!

(Trending Fashion Shows)

Hong Kong Fashion Week – Trending Fashion Shows

13th Jan 2020 to 16th Jan 2020

Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong Fashion Week Trending Fashion Shows

Hong Kong fashion week has always been a fabulous and mind-blowing event. It bosts the presence of a wide variety of enchanting fashion items like fashion accessories, bridal wear, evening wear, clothing material, and accessories, children wear, and much more.

Their styles have always been peculiar. It is a large-scale platform that shows the best collection of fashion of vide range of genre. Hong Kong Fashion Week is also a great platform for young and fresh designers to display their breathtaking and awesome fashion styles.

It is definitely platformed for people who want to leave their mark behind and earn some name. Its audience is diverse and includes buyers, dealers, manufacturers, celebrities, etc. So one should definitely attend this event and enhance his/her fashion style.

Here above I have discussed some best fashion shows that are going to take place in the first month of the coming year 2020 for you to get some tremendous knowledge about fashion styles that are going to prevail in the market and entirely change the course of fashion trends.

So don’t miss out on the chance to attend and follow these fashion shows that can surely help you to have a pragmatic change in your day to day fashion style and will definitely make you stand out among others. I can guarantee that you are gonna love them all.

So get ready to have your wardrobe change.


Thanks for staying with us on our fashion blog. I hope you are having a good time. Tell us in Comments section that what you are doing at your Fashion days.


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