11 Greatest John Cena's Hair Style

 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

If we talk about a wrestler known beyond the wrestling field is “John Cena.” The man has made his name in WWE with his skills and achievements. While everyone admires Cena’s super magnificent expertise in wrestling and constant success, another element of his personality has changed over the years.

John Cena has explored many kinds of hairstyles, but some of them earned his name worldwide. You would be surprised how many ladies crush him because of his charming hairstyle. If you want to know about his extraordinary hairstyles, read this article.

The Buzz Cut

It is no secret that every big fan of the WWE show “John Cena” is familiar with this hairstyle. It is the perfect style for men who want to keep short hair and maintain them easily. For this hairstyle, you only need a clipper for trimming your hair. The hairstyle got its name from the buzzing you hear during the haircut.

The Buzz Cut
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

Fearless Mohawk Look:

Everyone knows about Cena’s wrestling profession. He must have a furious look. In this style, you shave both sides but keep long hair from the center. It is ideally the best style for daring people. He is a wrestler; therefore, he makes this style to leave a lasting impression on their opponents.

Fearless Mohawk Look:
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

Short Taper Fade:

Generally, a taper fade haircut starts longer at the top of the head and gets faster as the hair reaches the nape of the neck. The part of your head that disappears is the back and sides. However, when your top and sides hair fades quickly, the difference between them is moderate, and you can keep your top hair long according to your preferences.     

Short Taper Fade
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

Lined Up Square Cut:

If you are looking for an attractive haircut, then you must make this haircut. It gives you both a gentlemanly and intelligent look. This haircut has two elements the lined-up and square cut. The square cut is overgrown hair at the front side. This is more likely deliberately maintaining your buzz amount until your hairlines form a shape.  

Lined Up Square Cut
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

The Jarhead Haircut:

In the 2005 film “Jarhead,” John Cena’s “Jarhead haircut” look was created for his role as a U.S. Marine during the Gulf War. Cena’s hairstyle was a high and tight cut, a variation of a buzz cut with longer hair on top. This hairstyle is popular among military personnel and features a close crop on the sides and back, with longer hair on top for contrast.

The Jarhead Haircut
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

The Marine Look:

With this haircut, you shave the back and sides of your hair to the skin while blending your top coat. The “Marine haircut” for John Cena is his buzz-cut hairstyle in the 2006 movie “The Marine.” Cena’s hair is trimmed to a uniform length all around the head, creating a clean and neat appearance.

The Marine Look
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

The Induction Buzz Cut:

The Induction Buzz Cut was also made famous by the military. It is the shortest kind of haircut. It gives a bald vibe; it is unsuitable for those who love long hair. However, you must apply this hairstyle if you are fond of short hair. The “Induction buzz cut” is likely a reference to John Cena’s hairdo during his early days in the WWE.

The Induction Buzz Cut
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

Classic Combed With Fade:

In this style, the hair on top is combed to one side and styled, while the sides and back are trimmed shorter, creating a fade. The fade can range from a high and tight fade to a more gradual fade, depending on the individual’s preference. This hairstyle is a versatile and timeless look that can be dressed up or down, making it a popular choice for many men.

Classic Combed With Fade
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

The Transformers Look:

“John Cena” showcased a different look in “Transformers.” In this movie, he displayed his personality by being a potent agent. This haircut boosts your personality and self-esteem and gives you extra confidence. The transformer’s look is popular among military personnel and those seeking a clean and polished look.

The Transformers Look
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

Powerful Undercut:

The powerful undercut is also a trendy hairstyle of “John Cena.” In this haircut, the hair on the sides and back is well-trimmed while keeping the top distinctly longer. For him, the top coat is of moderate length, but you can keep it according to your desires, especially if you want a more eye-capturing look.

Powerful Undercut
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

John Cena Hair Cut Peacemaker:

After entering the Hollywood movies, “John Cena” changed his hairstyle and chose what suited his acting character. He rocked another classic look when he appeared in the HBO Max series “The Peacemaker.” This style gives him a gentlemanly look that might confuse you due to his previous hairstyles. 

John Cena Hair Cut Peacemaker
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles

Classic Office Look:

“John Cena” can be rough in the ring, but outside, he can clean up with his different look. He may have showcased various hairstyles in the ring, but outside, he is classic and formal. Because apart from wrestling, “John Cena” is also the perfect gentleman in Hollywood or commercial TV ads. 

Classic Office Look
 11 Greatest John Cena Hair Styles


Fashions and styles are all about confidence and self-expression. Hair cut is also considered a big fashion statement that changes your outlook. Changing your haircut can also change your personality to fulfill your needs. Don,t be afraid to change your style due to people. Start with any of the mentioned hairstyles. Conquered your world but with specific hairstyles of the time.

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