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Top best fashion magazines trend set in fashionblog 2023

Top best fashion magazines trend plays a key role in fashion industry

These fashion magazines are design vision conveyer for fashion lovers. Fashion Magazines are all about the showcasing and promotion of glossy and luxurious brands.

Fashion Magazines are vehicles for luxury fantasies that are serving inspiration for luxury lifestyle, clothing, and hair and makeup trends. Great magazines make their subscribers excited by high quality content and stunning glossy images of models and stars.

How about flipping your favorite brand showcase by lying on your couch or during relaxing spa at parlor.

Magazines can never go out of style as they are life savior for women that keep them aware of fashion and lifestyle trends.

If you love fashion magazines then here we have compiled a list of top fashion magazines from all around the world that are not only for women but also have men fashion publications. Read the list to find your best read!!

  1. ELLE

ELLE | best fashion magazines 2020

Elle fashion magazine is the world largest fashion magazine with almost 46 editions all around the world. It was founded in France in 1945 with the name Elle a French word for SHE.

Elle not only features articles on latest fashion trends but also covers important women’s issue. Apart from it, it also includes politics, health, food, travel, news, discussion topic related to beauty and other topics related to women’s perspective.

ELLE is considered as the most sophisticated magazine in fashion industry. With publishing over six continents it has the largest readership in the world.

  1. VOGUE

VOGUE | best fashion magazines 2020

Vogue has been one of the constant in fashion industry with hundreds of editors, photographers, models and assistants. And without any doubt, Vogue is one of the best fashion magazine in 2023.  It was firstly published as weekly newspaper in 1892 that turned into fashion magazine and sustained its position as best fashion magazine.

From fashion, people, places and events, Vogue has everything that a fashionista wants to know. Vogue has a unique and strong influence on emerging fashion trends that makes it perfect publication to subscribe. Elle had a unique slogan that is “If she reads, she reads Elle”.

  1. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar | fashion magazines

Harper’s Bazaar is maintaining its position as one of best fashion magazine in the world and circulating among its subscribers from over 150 years. Harper’s Magazine has set standard for fashion magazine in fashion industry.

It was started in 1862 and now with its exciting content it is publishing in 32 countries. If you are looking for a magazine that should keep you update with latest fashion trends and designers then Herpar’s bazaar is the best to read choice for you.

Get your monthly Harper’s Bazaar issue and stay up to date with latest high quality fashion trends.

  1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan | fashion magazines

Cosmopolitan is truly a global magazine that is generally known as “Cosmo” and as its name it is women centric published magazine. Cosmo has been published in 35 countries with more than 110 languages.

In 1886 it was started as family magazine where in 1960’s it evolved as a lifestyle magazine with the theme of fun fearless feminism. Cosmo covers publishing groundbreaking content related to sex, relationship, feminism and beauty.

Each cosmo issue includes latest fashion and beauty tips, celebrity interviews, health eating, exercises and tips to achieve your goals. Have fun reading your cosmopolitan subscription.


  1. Business of fashion

Business of fashion | fashion magazines

BOF , a fashion magazine that has gained popularity in a very short span of time.

It was founded by Imran Ahmad in 2007 and gained massive subscription in this short time.

It has the readership from everyone who loves and interest in fashion.

Business of fashion has published with agenda “The economist of fashion”  that includes everything from setting new fashion trends and economy influence. This a perfect spot for all the fashion and trends lovers, so grab your glossy issue of BoF and know about all fashion stories.

  1. Instyle

Instyle | fashion magazines

Instyle is a popular fashion magazine that is not only best for women but everyone who have interest in fashion and beauty will find this magazine perfect.

Instyle is distributed internationally almost in 16 countries with featured style and fashion content.

Each issue of InStyle has come up with the diverse set of topics that covers everything from major events to latest fashion and style trends.

This diversity of topics at only one place has made inStyle the perfect fashion magazine for your weekend read.

  1. Allure


Allure is an American fashion magazine focused on beauty that provides latest trends and tips in both skin and hair care.

It was founded in 1991 by linda well that has about 5 million subscribers and 8 million viewers online.

Allure features celebrity interviews and their beauty tips with products reviews.

Allure has 270 winning beauty products that will help you to find the best skin product for your skincare routine.

If you are looking for best magazine for your skin and wellness then Allure provides you complete beauty information source from hair advice to celebrity beauty tips. Enjoy Allure subscription and explore numerous skin care options.

  1. Numéro 


Numero is an international fashion magazine that was founded in 1998 by Elisabeth Dijan.

The magazine is creating content to match the need of intellectual and intelligent women.

Since 1998 it has been the most influential magazine that is featuring latest trends and topics from fashion, lifestyle, design, music and art.

Numero is the perfect French magazine that features tomorrow’s best trends today.

High quality glamorous photographs of models, fashion designs, home décor and interior designs for upcoming seasons are important features of Numero.

  1. Grazia


Grazia published its first edition in 1938. It is originated in Italy that now becomes a global fashion magazine sensation. Grazia covers everything from fashion, lifestyle to latest street trends.

Grazia has gained its popularity among its readers both digitally and offline hard copy lovers. Grazia covers news, current affairs economy and interviews of inspiring women and celebrities.

It features different latest style trends that you must opt and have 35 million readerships with 5 editions in 5 continents.

Get your fully glossy weekly pack of Grazia and know everything about fashion, lifestyle and latest trends.

  1. Paper


Paper is New York based fashion magazine that now has become an international publication.

The unique named fashion magazine was founded by kim in 1984 that covers music, fashion, pop, culture, art and film.

Know everything about pop, music , art and fashion with your Paper issue.

Paper fashion magazine is considered as one of the best fashion magazines.

  1. Maxim


Maxim is Uk based international fashion magazine that features the modern man that entertain and attracts its readers.

It was founded in 1995 and one of the known men’s fashion magazine.

Maxim is famous for introducing new faces in fashion industry as it features photography of actresses, singers and female models that are just in start of their career.

It is one of the popular fashion magazines with 9 million readerships with 16 editions in 75 countries worldwide.

This magazine will be the best option if you interest lies in music, singers and models.


  1. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Vanity fair is an American Fashion Magazine that features popular culture,  fashion and current affairs. It was founded in between 1913 to 1936 but got popularity in 1980’s.

It is one of the best fashion magazine that features everything from fashion, culture to class. It have lots of writers, photographers, bloggers where Radhika Jonas is the editor in chief in Vanity Fair magazine.

  1. Marie Clair

Marie Clair

Marie Clair is one of the best fashion magazine founded by Evelyn Prouvost in 1937.It covers everything from women perspective topics around the world and global issues focusing women.

With its millions of readers around the globe, Marie Clair has gained an international popularity as a best fashion magazine.

It is currently distributed in 35 countries in 24 different languages.

It covers fashion trends and culture where with its unique approach to bring fashion with journalism has reader’s interest.

  1. V


V magazine is a famous American fashion magazine that was founded in 1999 and considered as New York’s biggest fashion magazine.

The unqiue V magazine features different topic related to beauty, art, film, culture and fashion and every issue of V magazine comes up with the creative design vision of the world. You will enjoy reading personal celebrities interviews and latest celebrity news.

A perfect celebrity gossip partner for you!!


  1. W


W is an American Fashion Magazine that covers style, fashion, art, film and celebrities.

The unique named W fashion magazine was founded in 1972. You’ll enjoy the attractive content on the magazine that considers its reader the most.

With its engaging content, W fashion magazine has made its place as best international fashion magazines.

  1. Esquire


Esquire is a leading men’s fashion magazine that was founded in 1933 and now have over 24 international editions.

You will find diverse topics from latest news, culture, politics, latest fashion trends and more specifically men’s fashion advices in only one place.

It is an award winning editorial that has been a leading men’s lifestyle magazine and circulating in millions of readers.


  1. GQ


GQ is a famous Men’s fashion magazine that was founded in New York city in 1931 and it was the world’s first men fashion magazine.

It features culture, fashion and latest style for men.

Apart from men’s fashion tips, it also covers different topics on fitness, food, movies, sex, music, travel, sports, books and technology.

A perfect stylish men’s magazine, that has won over 50 awards for its diverse content.


  1. Red book

Red book

Red book is an American women magazine that will help you to enjoy the most fashionable lifestyle with latest style tips.

This magazine is best destination for you if you love to read about fashion and style.

Every Redbook edition comes up with the stylish, latest fashion trends that help you to decide your seasonal closet and home interior as well. Enjoy reading your trendy mag and know everything about stylish lifestyle.

  1. Seventeen


Hey teens, here comes the leading teen magazine. Seventeen is a perfect read that features real life experiences and stories of young girls.

Since its inception, Seventeen is one of the popular magazines in teenage girls and still considered as the most selling and demanding teenage fashion magazine.

It primarily focuses on fashion, beauty and everything that’s what a teenage girl emotionally and intellectually needs.



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