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In Fashion trends: Classic men’s hairstyles for long hair

Classic men’s hairstyles: Most people’s thinking is, that it is your footwear that is the first thing that comes in the focus of others. I would argue, the first location on the body, it’s your hair that is in focus. As opposed to a miserable pair of brogues or some battered white leather sneakers, you cannot easily slip out of a strange hairstyle. Here are the best and classic men’s hairstyles for long hair. These haircuts are selected by the UK’s best barbers.

The French Crop

The French Crop

The French crop a style that best suits almost all face shapes. But it is specifically good for men going thinner on top. Hence you are taking the hair forward slightly here, leaving length in the fringe can help to cover patches. It is a low-maintenance style best for someone in and out of the gym. It is also suitable for the swimming pool, as you can adopt it without any styling product. However, you want to use the product, use a little spry for hair. The French crop is a style that’s meant to be left natural in its looks.

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a timeless and all-rounder hairstyle. It is one of the most popular haircuts from men’s hairstyles for long hair. But to adopt it, you need a great shaped head. Go for a shape that is slightly square all over the sides, with a little more length on the top of the head.

By cutting hair neatly, you can work with the shape of the head to make the overall cut more flattering according to your requirements. A barber will take everything he knows about a specific haircut, according to your personality and your style to your day-to-day living. He may provide a cut that best suits you.

The Side Parting – Classic men’s hairstyles 

The Side Parting

The side parting was popular from the 1920s-1940s and again in the 1960s. This style has been revealed in the last decade as an easy-to-achieve alternative to the slick back. As the basis of this haircut is simple, but the style is pretty versatile and will suit most face shapes. It is said, this can develop a risk of looking like a comb-over if the hair is long and thin on top of the head.

The products you should use depends on your hair length. People with thicker hair should try a paste in place of gel. Dividing the hair into parts can be tricky. So the best option is to put the product in the hair when dry and start partitioning using a comb. You have to try to maintain where the natural parting is, maybe with the help of your barber initially. If you’re trying to comb the hair backward, you’ll see where it starts to fall and get separate.

The Shoulder Length Cut – Classic men’s hairstyles 

The Shoulder Length Cut

Shoulder Length style has featured in fashion for many years. Because it is versatile and unique to be adopted to the number of situations. By sustaining your hair’s length and having your stylist add in some layers, you can switch between a beach-ready textured look. The hardest part of achieving this style is growing your hair as soon as possible.

Whenever want to change your hair cut, take time to discuss it with your barber. Make sure you discuss what your limitations and requirements are. There is no reason to have a messy, choppy layered look while you can seem smart and put-together for work. The popularity of this hairstyle is depending on the hair texture. Very smooth hair won’t stay in place as easy as hair that has a subtle wave. As opposed to it curly hair will be tough to keep smoothed out.


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