Mens Summer Fashion trends 2020

Here’s how trendy Men’s made their Summer Fashion trends up to date with no extra effort.

Men’s Summer Fashion trends 2020 is here with its heating sunshine and it’s time to know about latest trends in summer season. Every season comes with its trends and styles where you must go for authentic and unique seasonal style.

It’s easy to make yourself trendy for winter where a lumber jacket style makes you a good looking guy. Summer season comes with its fashion and style that flatter anyone’s taste. Summer styles come hands in hand with trendy looks like shorts, Polos, and slim T-shirts all associated with preppy looks and comfort.

Freshen up your summer trendy looks with this amazing summer fashion trends 2020 list that is an ultimate Men’s fashion guide that you need in this summer season.

Although every season has come with its styles and trends but you can never escape from the importance of right fabric as every season comes along with its appropriate color, fabric and fabric weights.

You will be dripping in sweat if you choose any fabric that you wore in October or in November. The winter seasoned fabric is designed to lock head in to make one warm whereas we have to opt a light weight fabric for summer season that keeps us cool allowing heat out.

Best trending summer fabric for Men

Best trending summer fabric for Men

Chambary linen shirts and chinos are most favorite linen pick for summer season. So, enjoy the cool breathing shirts in hot summer seasons.

Synthetic blends

Synthetic blends mens suit

Synthetic is the most pleasurable wear in summer season. Synthetics are made of natural byproducts where Tencel has made itself a popular summer pick. It blended with other fabrics like cotton and gives softer, silkier feel to tencel shorts. The cool tencel blends with cotton for t-shirts, polos and with linen for shorts and pants.



Linen is an alternative of summer cotton. It blended with cotton to give a wrinkle free beauty to your linen shirt. Linen is a best choice because of its breathability as it allows heat to escape.



Cotton suits

Cotton is known as the king of summer season that gives breathable and cool summer fabric experience. I love the cotton button downs shirts, polos and cotton chinos and pants in summer season.

The versatility of cotton fabric has made it my favorite summer fabric for my trendy summer looks.


men Shirts for suits

While choosing your shirt for summer season, keep your trendy looks high but in hot summer heat keep your shirts light. This summer season team up your trendy look with these super looking shirts included in this list

Cuban collar shirts

Linen button up shirts

Cuban Collar shirts are Japanese hand screenprinted cotton shirts. With short sleeves and distinctive collar, Cuban shirts make real stylish summer look. The shirts make themselves even cooler with bright summer colors like green, yellow or blue.

Plain solid color to printed shirts, Cuban collar shirt is favorite summer pick that can be paired with chinos and trendy sunglasses to complete your summer style.

Linen button-up shirt

Linen button-up shirt

Sharpen your summer look with linen button up shirt and shorts. Linen is one of the favorite options for summer shirt fabric because of its softness and breathability.

Consider one thing before picking your linen shirt that it must be breezy but not baggy. The trendy linen shirt combos can be pastel short with white linen shorts or navy shorts with blue linen shirt. You can go for casual look with linen button up shirt with chinos or pair long sleeves shirt with skinny fit jeans.

Short sleeves shirt

Short sleeves shirt for men

Keep yourself breezy in the summer hot season, go for short sleeves. Patterned short sleeves shirts are in favorite pick for this summer.

Short sleeves shirts are alternative of summer T-shirts for elevated summer look. Choose the linen or cotton as a fabric option for your short sleeve shirt summer look. Instead of wearing it with jeans or joggers, team up Short sleeves shirt with chinos or shorts. Printed short sleeve shirt with jeans are in summer season trend.



T-Shirts for men

T-shirt is summer season essential that everyone has in their wardrobe. T-shirts have different styles and cuts. Tees are versatile option in summer that is comfortable and cool.

Plain T-shirts, Henley T-shirts, and Long striped printed T-shirts are favorite summer shirts that give you trendy chick look. You can pair them with jeans or chinos for a perfect casual look.


Men Carlor T-Shirt polo brand

Polos works perfect with chinos to give you trendy preppy look. Polo shirt used exclusively in summer season that is an alternative to summer T-shirt.

Combine long sleeve polo shirt with chinos and sneakers for casual look or show your muscles in short sleeve polos that work fine with chinos, jeans, and even with suit pants.


Man Pants for casual use

Pants in the summer season can be a horrifying question but summer 2020 trends have super comfortable pants in cotton and linen fabric.

Chinos is the most comfortable lightweight pants for classic fits and casual looks. Don’t limit chinos to khaki color only grab olive, grey, blue, and other nonfluorescent shades.

Linen pants are a new trend in men’s summer outfit where you can enjoy your comfortable classic look. Light jeans will help you to look trendy in your casual outings.


Best Men Flares

Flares introduced 70’s style with the slim upper leg and exaggerated ankle. These bell bottoms are in new summer trends that can be paired with T-shirs, Slim fits, and Over sized hoodies for perfect summer casual look.

High wasted trousers

High wasted trousers for men

High wasted trousers have versatility that’s why it has come again as a popular summer fashion trend.

Pair your high wasted trousers with Tucked T-shirts and open shirts. Enjoy your casual look with navy, gray and cream trousers.


Shorts for men

Shorts are the perfect summer partner when we talk about comfortable and casual look. Chino shorts have become an essential summer trendy pick.

In summer hot season people choose shorts instead of sweaty jeans. Shorts paired with T-shirts or Polo will give you bothering preppy look but does it even matter in burning summer heat? Many people confuse in shorts selection and get stuck between too long and too short.

“A length that grazes the bottom of the thigh is best,” says Day man and a perfect short should end just above your knees.

Here is the list of trendy summer shorts,

Sweat Shorts

Sweat Shorts for casual men

Men’s sweat shorts is one of the wardrobe essential that gives style and most comfortable to wear in summer season.

Combine your white plain tee with sweat shirt for a perfect classic look or go for casual look with a buttoned down shirt.

Chino Shorts

chino shorts casual for men

Chino shorts are alternative of khaki pants that are the best option for casual wear. It is the best option for fashionable and cool summer style.

You can pair your polo and short sleeve shirt with pastels where khaki is another good option. Bright colors like black and navy also add bright trendy summer look.

Denim shorts


Denim Shorts look perfect for trendy summer look when paired with long sleeve shirt or tees. Denim always adds a unique summer style in men’s wardrobe.

Add a contemporary style to your summer look with white print short sleeve shirt and blue denim shorts. Grey and blue denim shorts combines to give stylish look to your outfit.


casual shoes for men

Shoes are foundation of your good dressing as in summer shine you must look trendy. But keep it comfortable. We have rounded up with a list of super picky summer footwear styles for you with the perfect combo style tips.


casual slides for men

Slides have always been in the list of summer footwear for stylish look where summer 2020 brings two strap slides trend.

Make your street style even cooler with two strap slides paired with pants, shorts, and flared trousers. This summer essential look will add coolness and you will look trendy with traditional footwear.


casual sneakers for men

Sneakers serve as backbone of your stylish summer casual look. Knitted sneakers and white sneakers are super comfy footwear for summer season. You can pair your white sneaker with any vibrant summer color for bright summer look.

Sneakers can be paired with jeans, chinos and shorts where white sneakers combine with T-shirts, shorts, dress pants and collar shirts for stylish summer footwear look.


brown Sandals for men

Summer 2020 has brought sandals trend for your stylish look. You can choose your casual look with cool sandals. These sandals are perfect trendy pick if you are planning a beach party or vacations

Deck or Boat Shoes

Deck or Boat Shoes for men

Boot shoes are back in trend, from over 80 years they are considered as classic pick. Boat shoes give stylish summer look that makes you stand in summer trends.

These shoes perfectly upgrade your summer look with comfortable feel. These shoes will perfectly pair with shorts, khakis or with well fitted, straight jeans.

Cross Body bags

Cross Body bags for men

Carry your important belongings fashionably with Cross Body bags.  These stylish cross body bags are perfect trendy addition to your summer look.

Forget about your purse, because now your stuff is safe now in your cross body bags. It is one of the summer accessory trending this summer.

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