Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2021 Independence Day

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day

Trending Boys fashion likes to celebrate Independence Day, and it is about to come. Pakistan and India are going to celebrate the 73rd year of Independence in 2021. Here I am to discuss boys Fashion on Independence Day in India. 15 August is the famous day of India. People of Hindustan celebrate Independence Day on 15 August for the last 73rd years. This is the 73rd time of celebration. On the day of 15 August, every mall and place decorated. Every mall, educational institute, banks, offices, homes, and street decorated.

The theme of decoration is the same as the flag of India. The theme has saffron, white, and dark green combination. The Indian flag has these three colors. Even dresses, recipes, cakes, shoes, turban, bangles, hair-band, batch, paint on the face, jewelry, and nail-paint. This day is quite special therefore especially celebrate it.

Educational institutes celebrate different events and contests. Kids and youngsters act in dramas. They perform on the national anthem and national songs. People decorate their houses desperately. Indians wear dresses with flag combination. They look patriotic in these dresses. The celebration cake is also similar to the flag.

Some people make dishes in tri-colors it seems beautiful.

Trendy Fashion dresses for India Independence Day for Boys

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day

If we categorize the fashion for boys on Independence Day, there are many types. Initially dresses matter a lot. There are many types of dresses for Independence Day. One of them is classical saffron, green and white kurta salwar.

One can love to wear traditional dress, like kurta salwar. This is a traditional dress however; it has evolved with nice changes. These changes make this dress trendy all the time. On Independence Day, boys like to opt kurta salwar kameez with Saffron, green, and white combination. This combination refers to the flag of India. Some people print the sign from the flag on kurta to show more patriotism. This gives a feel of proud Indian.

Pant shirt is a considerable dress for boys to opt for on 15 August, Independence Day of India. These pant shirt sets have a combination of Saffron, white, and green colors. These colors are responsible for patriotic and design is for a modern look. There can a printed spinning blue wheel on the shirt. It will add a more awesome look.

The waistcoat is a considerable dress to wear on 15 August for boysIndependence Day of India. The market is full of waistcoat dress for Boys on 15 August. These waistcoat sets have a combination of white, saffron, and green colors. Waistcoat dresses feature three pieces, salwar, kameez, and waistcoat. Kurta salwar has only two pieces salwar and kameez. However, the waistcoat has one additional piece, which gives a nicer look.

One unique option is to wear pant-coat. Boys and men seem awesome in a pant coat with printed images of the blue spinning wheel. These images give them a more patriotic look. Saffron coat with blue spinning wheel looks awesome.

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day


Some people like to make a complete traditional look. They wear a turban with Independence Day dress. Mostly this trend is famous in Punjabis. Punjabis look grouses with the turban. Turban has three colors that are saffron, green, and white. Turban is the best match with the traditional and modern dress as well.

Tri-color belts on Independence Day

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day

Everything can match with the flag on Independence Day. Here is a belt to wear on 15 August. The belt is equally famous in between girls and boys. Belt has different designs with saffron, green, and white colors. You can print a flag on the buckle of the belt. One more option is to print a blue wheel on the buckle.

Trendy Fashion shoes on Independence Day

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day

As everything is matching with the flag on 15 August. Shoes have similarities with the flag. These shoes are precious having green, saffron, and white color combination. Turban, dress, and shoes having similar colors with the flag on Independence Day look awesome. White turban with a blue spinning wheel on the center can also a great combination.

Tri-color tikka on Independence Day

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day

Indian boys can opt for a classical tikka in place of the bindi. You can take white, Saffron, and green body paint, then try a large tikka with these colors. This can add a more versatile look on 15 August.

Trendy Fashion Watches on Independence Day

Trending Boys fashion on 15 August in 2020 Independence Day

One greatest idea to purchase a watch with flag print. This is quite a beautiful watch for Independence Day of India. Watch has three colors of the flag. These are green, saffron, and white colors. A blue wheel is also present in the center.

Opt all above Trendy Fashions; these fashion recommendations are responsible for nicer and sober look for the boy on 15 August Independence Day of India.


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