Best 10 street styles for men fashion week in 2020

Best 10 street styles for men fashion week in 2020
Best 10 street styles for men fashion week in 2020

10 street styles for men’s fashion week

The trends are only beginning to surface on the streets as men fashion week come to a close. There is a number of new styles that flatter anyone’s taste from patchwork prints to oversized suits. Whether you are looking for a wardrobe update or just searching for a bit of summer styling check out the top ten men’s trends.

Oversized blazers

Oversized blazers
Oversized blazers men’s fashion week

An oversized blazer takes you back to the can put a twist on the essential suit jacket by taking it up a few sizes. This is a great way to put a retro spin on a modern outfit without looking formal. Choose a fit that slightly bigger than the regular fit. You are going to be strutting down every street in style if you pair it with a basic T-shirt and jeans for men fashion week.

Cuban collar shirts

Cuban collar shirts - men fashion week.
Cuban collar shirts – men fashion week.

Feel the summer breeze with a distinctive collar and short sleeves. They’re an easy way to make a real statement. You can wear them with a bold print or can keep it plain in a solid color. These shirts will look extra cool in bride shades like yellow and green. You’ll be donning the summer sun in style with chinos and sunglasses for your men fashion week.


Flares men -men fashion week.
Flares men -men fashion week.

With a thin upper leg, these trousers are sure to make an impact anywhere you go. Pair the pants with a slim fitting shirt to emphasize the bell bottom, or keep it flowing with a T-shirt and oversized hoodie. No matter how you style you’ll look super long and will have the appearance of oh-so-stylish pins.

Over the knee short

over the knee short
over the knee short

You can achieve the ultimate casual feel with a pair of over the knee shorts. These are a great way to keep your self-covered but stay cool in the summer heat.

You can’t go wrong in these statement pieces whether you rock these bottoms with a bold pattern or you keep it hot in a bright color. You can complete this look with an open shirt and fresh kicks.

Crossbody bags

Cross body bags - men fashion week
Crossbody bags – men fashion week

You can keep your belongings safe and sound with stylish crossbody bags. Whether it be something small and neat or messenger-style.

These are a great way to secure your stuff fashionably. You’ll have a unique addition to your collection with a small knot of a tie. This is a great and practical way to do it. Try these for men fashion week.


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Patchwork print

men fashion week
men fashion week

Patchwork print is back you can wear it proudly. This is something that looks great on everyone.

You can wear a shirt with cut-outs of different styles and different contrasts with a white T-shirt make the whole outfit pop.

For a classic feel keep the top half the hero by pairing it with dark trousers.

two-strap slides

two-strap slides -men fashion week
two-strap slides- men fashion week

With two strap slides, you can make the world your runway. As compare to traditional footwear these shoes offer double support and look extra cool.

Choose from branded shoes and pair them with jeans, suit pants or trousers.

You can’t ignore this summer essential and you are going to rule the world one step at a time.

Shield sunglasses

Shield sunglasses
Shield sunglasses-men fashion week

With this shield sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from the sun in the coolest way. This is not the only alternative for traditional eyewear but they look like they’ve been taken out of blade runner.

These are the best accessories of the season. Keep them small and colorful for a small for a powerful punch. Bright shades will be your favorite way to complete any outfit.


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Relaxed suiting

Relaxed suiting -men fashion week
Relaxed suiting -men fashion week

Not all tailoring has to be tight you can have some relaxed suiting. Wearing a formal outfit never looked so good. For a laid back feel pair the ensemble with sneakers and a white T-shirt and keep the blazer buttoned up. You should avoid wearing an office shirt with this because you may look like you’re in your dad’s clothes. Confidence is the most important accessory you can wear with this.

Relaxed suiting-men fashion week
Relaxed suiting-men fashion week

High waisted trousers

High waisted trousers
High waisted trousers

With high waisted trousers, you can take it back to the ‘40s’. This is a flattering and versatile style that comes back to fashion every few years.

You can put a modern twist on the traditional pants with open shirts.

You can wear from navy to cream this is a great bottom half you can wear all around.

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