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Why BFC announces London fashion week 2020 still on | Urgent Calls.

London fashion week 2020 still on

We all know that COVID-19 destroys all the events, education, business, and other things. That is why every only has that question “Is London fashion week 2020 still on or canceled”. Fashion blog day has the answer to your question the British Fashion Council (BFC) announces that London Fashion Week Still on and going ahead. So that is clear London fashion week September 2020 will no canceled. BFC is also announced that the date of LFW 2020, which is 17 September. BFC also announced that FWK 2020 will run physically or digitally both. So London Fashion week followers do not worry and get ready to join LFW 2020.

In June LFW British Fashion Council, introduce the first Digital LFW event they have announced a part-physical LFW will go ahead in September, despite the pandemic.

Different brands are like to come on London fashion week link:

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Others are opting for physical/ digital hybrids in London Fashion week. Those include:

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British Fashion Council also announced that they invited both womenswear and menswear designers to make that event amazing or unforgettable for everyone. If you are a designer, you can apply to join this Fashion event click here.

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