Attractive mid-Fade Haircuts

10 Attractive mid-Fade Haircuts for Men- hairstyles

10 Attractive mid-Fade HairCut for Men

The mid fade haircuts are also known as medium fades its growing popularity around the world and there is a number of mid fade haircuts for men.

The mid fade hair cut starts from halfway up the sides and back is a balance between a low and upside fade.

This hair cur is perfect for the men who want professional look and modern hairstyles. Some guys combine the mid fade hair cut with different types of hair cut to create a different fade haircut. You can pair the mid fade hair cut with short hair, long hair or medium hair.

There are a number of ways you can style this hairstyle here are some of the cool mid fade hair cut for men’s.

  1. Mid fade with slick back

Mid fade with slick back
Mid fade with slick back

You will mid fade haircut with slick back everywhere it makes your look balance and length. It’s an incredibly flattering hair cut because women’s considered this hair cut as to be one of the sexiest hair cut for men’s.

It’s very easy to style this all you need is pomade or some clay and you can create a perfect look for your work or for a night out.

  1. Mid fade with natural waves.

Mid fade with natural waves.
Mid fade with natural waves.

You can make your hair naturally wavy texture by combining it with a mid fade. Wavy hairs are very harder to manage than straight hair that’s why mid fade is a great choice with wavy hair.

You can control your curly hairs with a defining spray and give your look some structure that’s it is the attractive mid fade hairstyle for men’s.


  1. mid fade with a faux hawk

mid fade with faux hawk
mid fade with faux hawk

You can try out the faux hawk by teaming it a mid-fade the basic difference between the faux hawk and the classic faux hawk is a disconnection. Faux hawk with mid fade gives you a casual feel. You can make it extra attitude by adding a razor parting.

  1. mid fade with a hard part

mid fade with hard part
mid fade with hard part

If you are looking for a unique haircut you could try the mid fade with a hard part which is inspired by the 1920 hairstyle. This haircut is perfect for guys who have dark hair and fair skin this style combines a sharp parting with equally sharp fade.

With hairstyle, you’ll need to keep all hairs equal if you want to grab attention. And if you want that the hairstyle remains super clean and defined then you will have to visit the barber’s shop regularly.

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  1. mid fade with Mohawk

mid fade with hard part
mid fade with hard part

Mohawk is a classic hairstyle for men for a couple of reasons because it has attitude, intensity and rocking look. You can also pair it with a mid fade. This hairstyle works particularly well with a beard. The combination of mid fade, Mohawk and a beard will give you a stylish feel.

  1. Mid fade with fringe.

Mid fade with fringe
Mid fade with fringe

This hair cut is the combination of 1960 bowl cut, mid fade, and a fringe. This style is a modern and cool classic haircuts with keeping the hair longer on top but finishes at the same place as classic mid fade. Styling a fringe to the front is very flattering but it makes your face look more square.

  1. mid fade with line up

You can make a bold statement with your hairs with a mid fade line up you can sure all eyes on you. You can get a creative look with different shaving shapes and lines. This haircut looks more striking from the front and different from the side.

  1. mid fade with blow out

mid fade with line up
mid fade with line up

A combination of mid fade and blow out will surely earn you some attention. It’s about the height and volume of a crown at your head and super smooth faded side. That’s why it’s attractive mid fade haircuts for men with angular features.

Must use a gel or other product to hold your hairs if you want to get a structural look of this look.

  1. Mid fade with short curls

Mid fade with short curls
Mid fade with short curls

If you have short curly hairs then mid fade is a great way to show short curls. As you already have short hairs so the mid fade will blend perfectly you. All eyes will be on your curls because the mid fade means very short hairs on the side of your head and it’s a very easily manageable hairstyle.

  1. mid fade with quiff


Mid fade with quiff is one of the coolest hairstyles looks great on all shapes but it is more flattering if you have a round face. Your face seems longer in this hairstyle because it draws the eyes up. This hairstyle will make your style look thicker but the mid fade will have the same effect.

This style is particularly popular for footballers must try this hairstyle if you want a soccer star and cool mid fade haircuts.




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