Best 2020 Hairstyles trends for tall men

January 6, 2020
Best 2020 Hairstyles trends for tall men

2020 Hairstyles for tall men

Many of us or should I say most of the Asian men choose hairstyle trends either from magazines or from their favorite celebrities. But you should not choose a hairstyle on this base. Here are some 2020 hairstyles trends.


Because hairstyle plays a major role in displaying your personality. if you have chosen a nice-looking hairstyle that compliments your personality, then you just rocked it off.

Which hairstyle you should choose depends on many factors. It depends on the shape of your face, your neck length and the shape of your head.

But mainly it depends on the shape of your face, there is a total of 7 face shapes. each face shape has a different hairstyle that will suit it.

While looking for a hairstyle for yourself, you should keep in mind some factors. Like If you are going to follow some celebrity, make sure to analyze it before adopting it.

This article deal with 10 different and unique hairstyles for tall men.

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2020 Hairstyles for tall men

Classic cut brushed back hairstyle

Classic cut brushed back hair style 2020 Hairstyles

Classic cut brushed back hair style

This is the hairstyle that you never need to update.

In this hairstyle, you have long (not too much) on the upper side of the head. You have rather thin and short on the side of the head. Your hair should be brushed back neatly.

These hairstyles usually suit on oval face Asian gu

So if your face is oval, you just need this hairstyle. and you are all set. Make sure to keep your hair brushed back.  Your hair should not come on your forehead.

2. spikey sides with shaved edges

spikey sides with shaved edges 2020 Hairstyles

spikey sides with shaved edges 2020 Hairstyles

If you want the confidence and the cool-looking haircut, this is definitely the ideal one.

In this hairstyle, you have a low volume of hair on sides. The spikes are styled on the center part of your head toward one edge.

These 2020 hairstyles usually suit all types of face shapes.

It surely gives you a classy look.

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3. buzz cut hairstyle

buzz cut hair style

buzz cut hair style

This is the classic hair cut with short hair all over your head. they are usually designed with electric clippers.

There has been innovation in this haircut and now it has many hairstyles just in this one. like buzz cut on the mid with line on the edge, buzz cut fade and edge up.

It surely gives confident aura and intimidating look to the tall men especially Asian men


4. textured cut hairstyle

textured cut hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

textured cut hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

This is one of the 2020 hairstyles in which the hair is cut at an angle.

This hairstyle is best for tall Asian men when you have flat or thin volume hair. Because it will add volume to your hair.

If you have flat hair, ask for longer long layers. Otherwise short layers will do.

It will create a messy look at the same time giving you some fine finished look. 

5. Parting hair sideways

parting hair side ways 2020 Hairstyles

parting hair side ways 2020 Hairstyles

This is some sleek looking haircut. In this hairstyle, hair is styled on one side parted from one edge.

If you combine this hair cut with a beard, that will just rick off your appearance.

If you want a neat and professional look, then this haircut is ideal for you.

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6. Gentleman cool bravado hairstyle

gentleman cool bravado hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

gentleman cool bravado hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

This is the hairstyle having volume hair at one side giving you that cool and plain look.

This hairdo is nice and clean looking.

These hairstyles amazingly proved to be trendy and attracted to men having tall height.

To get a rustic and rough look, these 2020 hairstyles are amazing and perfect.

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7. Fantastically Kingly Hairstyle

Fantastically Kingly Hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

Fantastically Kingly Hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

This hairstyle is surely every Asian man’s most wanting and desired look. This hairdo gives you a noticeable and presentable look which makes your looks dashing.

In this hairstyle, side and back hair are equally trimmed. The upper hair is styled upward and back word stylishly

This is such a gorgeous hairstyle for getting modern appearance. If you are a tall and heightened person, it will make you look prominent and stand out.

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8. Messy hairstyle

2020 Hairstyles

2020 Hairstyles

Messy hairstyles are trendy and fashionable for men especially Asian tall men. This hair cut is easy to do. The easiest and sexy hairstyle that gives you a perky look.

It also has different versions. The most attractive thing in these 2020 hairstyles is that you don’t need to spend hours just setting your hair.

This hairdo also gives you an attractive cowboy look. This will make everyone swoon over that will make everyone swoon over you.

It is casual, at the same time charming haircut.

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9. Bro flow hairstyle

bro flow hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

bro flow hairstyle 2020 Hairstyles

This flow hairstyle is known by many names such as bro flow, wings or hockey haircut. this is such an amazing hairstyle for tall men.

This hairstyle is popular among hockey players, skateboarders, baseball players, etc. In short, we can say that this is favored among players.

This hairstyle is suitable for every type of hair like straight, flat, curly, etc. you can choose to have long or short hair in this haircut.

Usually, guys like to keep the hairs backward. This hairdo gives you a professional look and is also perfect for every occasion.

You just need to comb your backward and wear a suitable dress. you are all ready to go.

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10. faux hawk

faux hawk 2020 Hairstyles

faux hawk 2020 Hairstyles

This hairstyle is also known as fohawk. This is one of the coolest hairstyles for Asian tall men.

In this hairstyle, there is an equal length cut on the three sides. The top part has longer hair than the other side. the top part is styled above like hawk. Make sure to use good hair products and gel to fix them on top.

This is a stylish yet sophisticated hairstyle that gives you this modern look. this versatile haircut never fails to amaze others.

It is suitable for men of every age.

This article presented hairstyles that are suitable for tall men especially tall Asian men. you can choose any type of hairstyle mentioned above according to your face type.

Just make sure that you have analyzed all the factors that are mentioned in the very first section of this article.

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