Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstyles

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstyles

If you are looking for a Men’s long hairstyles, then we have a lot of ideas for you. You can easily try out these ideas. Check below these fashionable men’s long hairstyles to get in 2019.

Men with Long hair are increasing gain members thanks to fashionable appeal. Long hair is stylish and impressive, from shoulder-scraping styles to manes that go to the lower back.

Though it is pulled back, worn with dramatically parted, long hair can be styled in a good manner for any occasion. Having a lot of choices on how to style your hair, picking just one from them can be hard.

So, we are giving the best style for your long hair. Now, the need is to do that select your favorite hair cut from the list of the best easy for men’s long hairstyles.

Slick Back

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesThe slick back look is as easy to achieve as it is suave, for men with medium length locks. An undone substitute to a pony for men, the slick back looks unique as well with a tailored suit.

For healthy hair, a high-shine look is optimal. This can be gained by raking fingers through clean hair.

Boys having curly hair can also rock this look by sweeping the front section of hair back. They can do it with a pomade or mousse for greater hold. Curls can be left, or broken up minor, for a more worn-in feel.


Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesA pony is an easy and quick way to style up long hair especially at work. Styling your hair back with the serum to assure the least shine, you can either conserve the natural part or style hair back. It is for a lightly more disheveled appeal.

By tying the tie two or three times for hold, the world is going to like your appearance in terms of slickness for this look. Stop feeling to look restrictive or severe, leave a few strands near the front to fall by the face.

Long Textured Waves

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesThe long textured wave style is all about texture and dimension. It is popularized by Harry Styles, This look is adaptable for any face shape. But it is suited to those with some natural looks and with layered cut. To replicate it, apply a styling mousse to clean damp and damaged hair.

Use scrunch liberally and either leave to air dry. You also can dry with a diffuser directing the front part of the hair backward. Then once the hair is dry, take the front section of hair and lightly backcomb before setting with hairspray. For a playboy look, long textured waves are the hair of heartthrobs.

4. Long Hair with Part

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesThe best part can be striking on a long mane. To get a straight part of the hair, take a fine-toothed comb to recently washed hair. Then draw a straight line from the center of the hairline back before running fingers through ends with serum.

The best option for boys having softer features and more textured hair. To create extra good looks, use a dry texturing spray on the roots, and define the part near the face. Eventually, this is the best men’s long hairstyles that are efficiently worn with a little movement.

Long Braids

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesFor men with long hair who like a bold look, braids are an excellent and optimized option. They are not only stylish but also versatile. It can be adaptable to suit a range of styles. For men’s long hairstyles braided look is best.

To wear braids style try wearing your hair in one long also try loose plait at the back of your head. If you want it’s alternate and an eye-catching style, develop many tight braids, starting at your scalp.

Men’s long hairstyles Curls

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesIf you have shiny long and curly hair, then a piece of amazing news for you is to, long curls can be a great look for those who have a relaxed style. To pull off this look, you have to keep your curls in the best condition and tame excess frizz.

Try to be sure to invest in moisture-rich hair products and let your hair dry naturally. All you need to decide is whether you wear your curls swept-back or you want to continue with a part.


Men’s long hairstyles and Straight

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesShort and smooth hair can appear a little plain. But long and smooth locks look daring and eye-catching to viewers. By doing minor texture or shape of the hair, this style shows off all your lengths without any hindrance.

It is mandatory to manage your cut and sustain your ends beautifully trimmed as they will be on display. If you want a smart and stylish look, it is important to ensure that your hair is quite healthy.

Keep in the notice above mentioned point, you will help to reduce frizz and enhance shine for a sleek appearance. In case if your hair isn’t naturally smooth or straight, you can always fake it. Just blow-dry your mane using spray then round brush before applying a serum.

Men’s long hairstyles with Beard

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesLong hair is always liked. But with the pairing it with a beard it becomes more powerful.

Hence, if you are willing to make your long mane quite memorable. Then consider achieving it with some facial fluff for a good look. Pick the right length of your hair and style to suit the look you are wishing for.

9. Long Grey Hair

Best 9 coolest and handsome Men’s long hairstylesThink long hair is simply for young men?

Go on it. An extended mane will suit men at any age. Long locks will look seriously trendy on older gents. Providing an immature and rugged look, long gray hair could be a vogue.

You need to grow long grey hair. After that rock them with a specific style.

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