Effective hair transplant guide for men in 2020

Effective hair transplant guide for men in 2020

Hair transplant guide for men in 2020: Most of the men are self-conscious about losing their hair. However, most of the guys will experience some hair thinning by the age of 35. There are several options available for those who don’t want to go to the shaved head route.

A hair transplant is one of them. Hair transplant has embraced by high profile families. Keep reading if you want to know that a hair transplant is good for you or not.

What is a hair transplant?

It’s a surgical procedure in which first the surgeon harvests ‘donor’ follicles from the back of your head which is resistant to balding. Then they will move them to the recipient site where you have hair loss. It’s an outpatient procedure that uses a local anesthetic you don’t need to go to a hospital. You may require multiple sessions typically 1000 and 2000 it depends on your need.

Hair transplant surgery (FUT vs. FUE) 

Hair transplant surgery (FUT vs. FUE) 

There are two main types of hair transplant available one is follicular unit transplantation(FUT) and the other is follicular unit excision (FUE). While other techniques including stem cell procedures are less common and don’t have the same proven result. FUT involves harvesting a small patch of skin which is divided into smaller units this is also known as ‘strip surgery’. They place these smaller units into incisions at the recipient site before suturing the wounds closed.

Meanwhile, FUE involves transplanting individual hair follicles. While FUE is less invasive and painful for the patient but is more intensive for the surgeon.

Do you need a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is not ideal for all men. your surgeon will not be able to give you the results if your hair loss is extensive and you have very few donor hairs available. Doctors determine this using the Norwood scale which assesses your level of hair loss.

The same goes for those who have lost hair from taking a certain medication. Those with tight scalp might also struggle with hair transplantation. In contrast, those with wavy hair or a loose scalp will see positive results. Age is also matters for a hair transplant. how younger you are the more likely it is that you will need multiple operations.

Expected Results?

Results of hair transplants vary widely 80 percent of the transplanted hair will grow back fully. Normally it takes three months to see results and most people will achieve 60 percent new hair growth after the final procedure.

A poor hair transplant could leave you with an uneven hairline where many hairs have been taken from the donor site. The best hair transplant will just look like your real hair. You have to follow all the aftercare procedures advised by your doctor for a successful hair transplant.

That aftercare includes avoiding shampoo for 24 hours and sleeping upright for at least three nights.

What are the side effects?

Immediately after a hair transplant, you will notice some swelling and red dots where the donor follicles are. You might also have aches at the site of the transplant. The main side effect of a hair transplant is ‘shock loss’ when all the donor hairs fall out after the operation but it does not mean the procedure has failed.

Your whole hair follicle has been transplanted so new hair will replace the one you lose. You’ll just have to embrace the shaved look for a few months because excessive bleedings, infections, or allergic reactions could occur but these can be treated by the doctor immediately.

Finding a good clinic for Hair transplant guide

Many new clinics have sprung up as hair transplant has become increasingly popular. First, consider the price to find a good clinic generally the more experienced surgeon and more expensive the procedure.

Ask friends or search online for recommendations and always look for members of the international alliance of hair restoration surgeons (IAHRS). check out photos of results that different doctors have accomplished and compared different surgeons too. On your first consultation be wary of a surgeon who makes you feel pressured for operation and doesn’t give you medication. A good clinic will always have an experienced medical support team assisting the surgeon.

How to choose a doctor for Hair transplant guide

Always ask the clinic for the name of the doctor who will perform your hair transplant. Your surgeon is responsible for your care so you should be able to check their details like their registration and license are legitimate.

What piece of procedure is done by the doctor?

Some assistants and medical practitioners may undertake part of the procedure under supervision. However, a doctor should perform all incisions including anesthetic injections and the planning of your Hair transplant.

What is the cost of a hair transplant

Hair transplant costs depend on several factors. These include the type of surgery you select, how many sessions you require, where you have the surgery FUT usually carries a flat fee and the experience of the surgeon.

FUT is generally price from 3000 pounds and 7000 pounds and FUE is generally price from 10000 pounds and up.  While in Turkey the average cost is about $US in 2000.

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