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10 Watch Brands you must know about in 2020

10 watch brands: Basically in as we know this is the time where everyone, wants to be fashionable. In other words, we can say that everybody tries to adopt some style.

Fashion makes you different from others. The sense of fashion Is changes with tastes. The fashion sense is as well change according to time. Some people just adopt fashion in sense in the proper sense but, some just adopt fashion for formality.

In fashion, the watches pay a great role. As the color matters, the shape matters, as well as the brand maters. So, everybody should have to know 10 watch brands you must know about. Some people wear watches just to see times. Some people just wear them as a device. On the other hand, some people wear them due to some obsession.

Because most people give watches as a birthday gift, marriage gift, or for some other reasons. But some people think of them as complementary to their dresses. They think that without watch there is something missing the part of them. Mostly the men and women are fond of wearing watches of unique color and style.

The present world says that watches you wear should be unique and look expensive. Because most people wear watches to show up. Therefore everybody should know about at least “10 watch brands you must know about”

Mostly people like to wear watches but they don’t know their brands. In the present age of the computer, it is the age of online marketing. Mostly people prefer to buy online things rather than go to the market and purchase goods from there. So everyone should have read “10 watch brands you must know”. Because it will make you able to get proper things instead of giving the price of real things and getting false things.


10 watch brands you must know in 2020

 Aegir Watches

In 2007 the first class of the Aegir watches series view was presented in Australia. Which were named as Cd-1 took place in the market?

Todd Caldwell was the man from Australia who gave his views.  All watches were made in Germany with Swiss and  Switzerland components.

  • It was made up of German-made 316L Stainless Steel. Brushed finish
  • 7mm screw-down signed crown.
  • Which was powered Soprod by A10.
  • Appliqué hour makers, filled with Superluminova BGW-9C1
  • 42mm diameter, (Not including the Crown)
  • Dimensions
  • 51.1mm lug to lug length,
  • 24mm between the lugs
  • 13mm in height.
  • Crystal: Sapphire, domed, anti-scratch with anti-reflective coating inside.
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel, fixed, Kolsterised to 1000 to 1200 HV0.05
  • Water Resistance: Rated for 701 meters
  • Prices start at $1,600

Not everyone is still familiar with this type of brand. But the view is that everybody should know about watch brands you don’t know about.


Square Watch in 10 watch brands

From 2010 the luxurious watch brand has taken place in the market. It is an Italian brand. On which there is a fine piece of work. It has introduced its traditional models based on ETA(estimated time of arrival).

Now they are expanding new models with more complications. These devices are based on NOS(new on the shelf) parts. The case of these watches is 40.4mm  wide, the thickness is 13mm and the wrist is 49mm.

At 109g on Squale’s included strap, the Squale 50 Atoms Ocean Blasted 1521-026 wears perfectly on my 7-inch wrist. The wrist is friendly and lightweight which feels amazing by wearing. It is comfortable for wearing and loosing up.

Stuhrling watches

In the era of the 18th century, this company became well-known. They started their work in an efficient manner. They worked on a traditional basis. The roots of this company have been derived from Swiss watchmaking standards.

Now this company is providing the facility to others to make up their roots. This company also expending its roots in other projects. In the present world as this company is working on traditional bases as well as making up the new modern structures.

This stainless steel watch was too much expansive. This was only can be purchased by some landlord. It was expansive because the work was not done till.

The earlier masters of the watch industry called it a masterpiece. It was just admirable.  Simply it was of the view the who buy it is a great place holder in society. The brand was not-well-known earlier as time passed.

People started to come to know about a brand they didn’t know about. because this brand was a uniquely beautiful thing in itself. Max Stuhrling was one of the original Swiss watchmakers who started to establish the current industry in the late ’80s.

The current brand was relaunched in 1999 by one of his direct descendants in an effort to bring the family business back home, with Max Stuhrling IV and George J von Burg taking the brand live in 2002. Stuhrling started doing work on Chinese machine to make it modern and in-expensive products. The present Stuhrling watches are different from the past. Stuhrling introduced the model on a Chinese machine basis.

  • 90009 – Dixmont-Guangzhou DG3809
  • 90013 – Dixmont-Guangzhou DG2813
  • 90014 – Sea-Gull ST1714
  • 90016 – Dixmont-Guangzhou DG2816
  • 90050 – PTS-Liaocheng G3202Z
  • 90089 – Hangzhou 2189
  • 90098 – Hangzhou 2198
  • 90150 – skeletonized Chinese Standard Movement (manufacturer unknown)
  • 90555 – Sea-Gull ST2555
  • 90816 – Sea-Gull ST1632-6
  • 91006 – Sea-Gull ST1612-6
  • 91015 – PTS-Liaocheng Z2015
  • 93311 – PTS-Hangzhou 3310/3311 tourbillion
  • 92545 – Sea-Gull ST2545


Autodromo is one of the brands that have really thrilled people in the last two years of excellence. When you first saw their watches, we were surprised by their unique designs, This was one of the brands which people should know about which they don’t know about.

As time passed the changes were made, so they got the experience to design more traditionally and in a modern way, which was very clear in their second offered collection, the limited edition Monoposto mechanical.

One of our favorite pieces from last year, this utterly unique watch has character and finishing that far surpassed its sub-$1000 price point.

Peacock Watches

The Liaoning Peacock Watch Company, located in the Liaoning Province, is yet another modern watch factory which formed part of the first 8 established in 1950. Early on, the Liaoning watch factory produced uncountable movements based on Swiss and Russian components.

Later, in the early 80s, they’d improve upon the Chinese traditional Standard. The upgraded quality would be fitted into watches to be sold out by the Peacock brand for the first time. Likewise, this name would also when exporting timepieces.

 Longio Watches

Founded by Changhong Mi in 1996, Longio looks to integrate his view and intelligence in a unique way. They mostly manufacture casual wears. There well creative designs show up their beauty. The creativity of, Changhong sent Longio caliber to a new level with the Art of the modern world.

Through these beautiful and remarkable watches, we encounter traditional Chinese legends translated by hand onto opulent timepieces. However one of the most impressive, and the most expensive, is the Mythos Unique. It boasts a 46mm shell crafted entirely of Chinese Hotan white jade, a Swiss tourbillon, and a black enamel dial. If that wasn’t enough, on its highly remarkable and beautiful head handmade 18K gold phoenix.


Its bases are in Hong Kong Memorigin. It manufactures tourbillion movements in-house. With an experience of 40 years, they have supplied many well-known international brands you should know about you don’t know. Marvelous oriental collaborative with western top art watchmaking. This is based on a traditional modern Hong Kong culture.

Memorigin uses the most strict and professional production process so, that craftsmanship and quality are monitored by international professionals. Memorigin uses the best materials from all other countries. We have the best designer and collectors of Hong Kong with innovative concepts.

With modern and traditional work we also have added new cultural things. In addition, Memorigin has a new world engraving technology which makes us unique from all other worlds. These additions make our watches different and memorable from others.

Seagull Watches

Tianjin watch factory has been right there since the beginning. The name that brought them their fame today, Seagull or Sea-gull watches, did not come into being until 1992. Seagull Watches is one of the biggest brand in the world. This is one of the brands you should know about you don’t know about.  In 2005 came their first tourbillon; in 2006, a double tourbillon.

Other complication offerings include alarm watches, minute repeaters, and perpetual calendars. Seagull’s reputation for quality has proven true, and the brand is making strides in bringing provenance to “Made in China” as has never been done before.


While Cartier is perhaps best known for their Love bracelets and Panthère jewelry. Also many other remarkable designs are proposed by While Cartier of highly beautiful timepieces. The unusual rectangular Tank watch, introduced in 1917, became an instant classic and has been worn by generations of A-listers.

Chopard Watches in 10 watch brands

Chopard watches sparkle with personality and diamonds. The brand’s timepieces are known for their free-floating gems behind the sapphire case and are truly dazzling. With a broader range of watches for women than for men, Chopard understands feminine elegance. If you’re looking for a watch to make you feel like a princess, then look no further.

Make the most of your Chopard watch and wear it with a matching selection of jewelry from the Swiss house.

Thanks for staying with us on our fashion blog. I hope you are having a good time. Tell us in Comments section that what you are doing at your Fashion days.


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