Top Backpack Brands For Men in 2020

50 Top Backpack Brands For Men in 2020

Whatever you are, a student, commuter or frequent traveler, a best and functional backpack is a perfect investment. Having too many options, finding the right option is a challenge. Luckily, there a host of brands on which you can rely whenever you need a great bag. Developing designs that are high-quality, practical and sophisticated, these best backpack brands provide function and fashion as well. Here are the “50 Top Backpack Brands For Men in 2020”

1. Balmain backpack for men

Bags for men may not be the first thing to come to mind whenever talking about Balmain.

Hence, the French fashion house does, have a range of luxury and top quality backpacks for men. These can gain at top dollar.

This renowned label’s range features everything from denim, mohair, and sailor stripes.

2. Alexander McQueen backpack

backpack for men Alexander McQueen
backpack for men Alexander McQueen

In case you are a fan of the perfect things, it may cause happy you to know that Alexander McQueen has a list of backpacks for men, it means you can be stylish even still getting a functional and practical bag.

And if you have the extra dollars to spend, Alexander McQueen backpacks are reliable, fashioned and will certainly up your street style intentions.

3. Bottega Veneta backpack for men

Bottega Veneta backpack for men
Bottega Veneta backpack for men

Having bags priced over $5,000, the Bottega Veneta brand has gained a reputation for luxury and reliability.

This brand’s backpacks for men are up-to-date, functional and will see to all of your style and practicality needs.

The brand contains mostly muted colors with styles made from the best quality materials.

4. Prada backpack

Prada backpack for men

Prada brand’s bags, much like their apparel, range start from simple and practical designs to outlandish and extravagant styles.

The Prada has a variety of backpacks for men like from classic tonal colors, for instance, grey and black to blue and green paint splatters.

These backpacks donning heavy badges and mixed prints, are everything we know and love as Prada.

5. Saint Laurent backpack for men

Saint Laurent backpack for men

The first clothes house to gift us the idea of luxury ready-made, Yves Saint Laurent introduced to fashion.

Hence, the brand is famous for its groundbreaking designs. You know very well you can consider big things from its bags.

The range is wide enough with everything from simple black canvas bags to different multicolored leather backpacks for men with badges and embellishments.

Saint Laurent bags, as like the line’s apparel, are classical and traditional and artistic references, developing a range that is modern, refined and rebellious.

6. Balenciaga backpack for men

Balenciaga backpack for men
Balenciaga backpack for men

One is also a luxury label designing stylish and perfect bags are Balenciaga. This is a Spanish fashion brand.

Balenciaga brand crafts beautiful bags in minimalist tones for a timeless aesthetic. They may cost but are well worthy of use.

7. Diesel backpack for men



Diesel label is popular for its masculine and fashionable aesthetic. This brand’s bag collection is no exception to this rule.

The wide range of selection comes in premium leather, robust canvas, and technical fabrics. It also has muted colors like black, grey, and khaki dominate the range.

There are also few bolder prints and bright colors as well.

Every Diesel bag is voluminous enough for you to toss your clothes in for a rapid overnight trip or gym session after work.

8. Gucci backpack for men

Gucci backpack for men

Gucci’s label’s designs are so distinct that anyone will know what brand your backpack is. The brand’s range has a variety of bold colors, striking prints and animal motifs too.

There are also simpler styles, but all of Gucci’s bags feature some branding.

9. Dolce & Gabbana backpack

Like many things from Dolce & Gabbana, its bags are anything but subtle. They have all the distinct, interesting details that we have come to expect from D&G accessories.

These can be bold clashing prints, bright colors and big logos.

10. Burberry backpack for men

Burberry backpack for men

Burberry label’s range of bags features simpler designs that are so unique. People can spot your Burberry bag from a mile away.

Brand’s offering includes bags with the label’s classic check print and also plain colors, unexpected graffiti-designs, and subtle stripes.

They are perfect for the preppy professional or the street style man looking. It adds a touch of luxe to a man’s look.

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11. Herschel backpack

Herschel backpack for men

It was established in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. Herschel struggles to develop the perfect bags for travelers.

This brand’s range features sleek, minimal designs, casually with Herschel’s signature leather straps.

These backpacks for men are functional, fashionable and have become the staple bags for travelers, students, and professionals alike.

12. Emporio Armani backpack for men

Emporio Armani backpack for men

Emporio Armani bags are the everlasting combination of high-end and street style designs. The brand’s numerous designs are perfect for the guy on the go who doesn’t have time to swap his bag for a briefcase.

These are professional, smart, sophisticated and ultra-stylish in their use. Backpacks are made from premium leather and other of the finest materials.

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13. Fendi backpack

Fendi backpack for men

Fendi bags are sleek and minimal, except for the events or bug-eye design.

They are mostly in muted colors like grey, black, and khaki and are made from premium and durable leather.

They are timeless and fashionable. So if need a backpack you can use daily and not get sick of, we’d recommend a Fendi.

14. Givenchy backpack for men


Givenchy brand collects its timeless and well designs with street style and sports luxe impacts.

Its backpacks for men usually feature bold graphics inspired by seasonal prints as well. The latest styles on offer consist of a neo-baroque rottweiler, Madonna, and Bambi graphic prints.

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15. Versace backpack for men

Versace backpack for men (1)

Versace’s brand of bags is genuine, vibrant and crafted from premium materials.

These best and durable designs are made to last many adventures, from traveling to foreign countries.

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16. Furla backpack

Furla backpack for men
Furla backpack for men

If you want something a little more fun, I recommend a Furla bag. Rest carrying sleek and minimal leather bags, Furla has a collection of cool and unique patterns.

Our lovable is the Furla Man Ulisse. The blue and grey bag is best with the silhouette of a shark on the front of it.


17. Kenzo backpack for men

Kenzo backpack for men
Kenzo backpack for men

The Kenzo brand is all about colorful, stylish with a modern and urban edge. So, the label’s backpacks are necessary street style items.

Its items are available in a selection of bright green, orange, pink, blue and muted hues. Kenzo bags are playful, modern and latest.

Many styles sport the Kenzo logo whereas some flash the label’s iconic tiger or eye motifs.

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18. Valentino backpack


Valentino brand’s bag range follows its classical flair for the dramatic. Yet the more perfect designs feature small Valentino details.

It is what makes them special.

These are exposed stitches and studs to badges, embellishments and bright camo patterns, Valentino backpacks for men are distinctive and edgy.

The range is also wide to span formal and usual contexts.


19. Hugo Boss backpack

Hugo Boss backpack for men

Hugo Boss label is synonymous with luxury menswear. Therefore, it just develops a sense, it provides a range of functional, fashionable and, well, boss bags.

More than 400 styles on the market, the Hugo Boss range is one of the widest range available.

Though this site only views a small selection of new season looks, you can find a lot of the brand’s other styles for sale across different stores.


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20. Rick Owens backpack


Rick Ownes brand was established his namesake label in 1994 in Southern California. From that time, it has grown a cult following with the underground glam rock.

The brand’s bags are distinct and edgy yet somehow understated enough to be worn daily. Hun Bunny’s backpack is in the shape of a toy rabbit with one eye.

The remaining range, while slightly left of center is a little.

21. Montblanc backpack for men

Montblanc brand is a specialist in premium leather bags made for adventure.

The brand’s designs boast enough storage space with many sizes to suit all of your requirements.

Except for the occasional camouflage print, they come in muted colors, like navy blue, black, red and dark brown as well.


22. Coach backpack

Coach brand has long been a leader in the market of backpacks.

Therefore, it creates a sense it has a wide range of backpacks. This brand provides a massive selection of styles and materials.

These styles are distinct and fashionable, including classic leather and modern one-strap designs.

23. Raf Simons backpack

Raf Simons label has been taking signals from counterculture since his brand’s inception in 1995. These items are reflected heavily all over his simple yet edgy bag range.

These backpacks fuse sports items with futuristic prints and colors to develop a contemporary since timeless aesthetic.

Raf bags are perfect if you are on the hunt for something affordable that won’t date and is still distinct and edgy.

24. Stella McCartney backpack

Celebrated women’s wear designer, Stella McCartney established her anticipated menswear range in 2016 as well.

If you have not already, you must get around it. Her line is sleek, distinct, latest and professional yet sporty.

These backpacks are versatile to rock to your corporate job, the gym or use as a usual accessory.

If you are an environmentally conscious man, Stella McCartney’s brand is completely ethical.


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25. Jimmy Choo backpack

Jimmy Choo brand struggles to fuse luxury latest fashion and function through its selection of men’s bags.

The designer brand provides high-quality, latest, utilitarian backpacks for men in classic colors. These colors are blue, black and brown.

The collection of this brand is surely minimalistic, some styles do feature lines, embellishments or bold prints.


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26. Paul Smith backpack

Paul Smith goes to the fashion industry after a road accident ended his cycling career.

Then he started delivering his take on classic British style to men across the world. His wide range of bags is colorful, latest, and timeless and boasts a classic aesthetic with a modern look.

27. Dsquared2 backpack for men

Dsquared2’ label’s collection of bags is eclectic.

The brand has a wide range of selection of colors and styles at varying prices. It starts from as low and $300 right up to over $1,000.

This brand manufactures for everyone. The wide and different selection includes practical and long-lasting designs with a mix of eye-catching and understated styles.

28. Tommy Hilfiger backpack

Like all the items in Tommy Hilfiger, its bags are for the cool kids.

You will select from the classical Tommy red, white and blue or go for an extravagant geometric print. These backpacks are functional, stylish, and durable in use.


29. Rains backpack

Foreigners, campers, commuters, and students rejoice because Rains bags are 100% waterproof and durable.

Moreover, they are ideal for travel or even just a wet winters. These bags boast ample pocket space, have an internal laptop compartment, and are cool as well.

30. Aer Fit backpack

Aer Fit brand’s bags are made for commuters who bounce between home, work and also the gym.

These cleverly designed bags allow you to store everything you need for daily and the gym in just one bag.

This wide packing capacity is made all the more impressive and attractive by the range’s lightweight and timeless designs.

31. Berluti backpack

Staring at $3,000, the Berluti brand specializes in crafting premium leather bags of the best quality.

Their wide range of stylish backpacks features practical, functional and fashionable pieces as well.

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32. A.P.C backpack for men

French streetwear label, A.P.C is famous for its line of ready-to-wear, minimalist designs. These designs are with clean lines and simple patterns.

This aesthetic is maintained its range of bags, which features lightweight, durable and stylish designs.

33. Adidas backpack

Adidas label’s range of bags is the best combination of sophistication and sports luxe.

These designs are minimal to not detract from any professional ensembles since usual enough to elevate your street style.

These bags are practical, durable and perfect for traveling.

34. Everlane backpack

In case you are an environmentally conscious man, Everlane is the best brand for you.

This brand is a specialist in creating ethical and sustainable products. It also believes in transparent supply chain practices.

Moreover, its range of bags is simple, sleek and somehow rude.

35. Ona Bags backpack

Ona Bags label has been handcrafting its range from 2010. This New York brand utilizes the finest materials sourced around the world.

These elements include premium full-grain leather, waxed canvas, and solid brass hardware.

The name, Ona, means “to experience with the eyes,” in Swahili. This is precisely what the label struggles to achieve with its bags and a global community of photographers and also storytellers.

36. Ally Capellino backpack

British cult brand, Ally Capellino has been manufacturing distinct, high-quality bags and accessories for 30 years.

The label is a specialist in crafting unassuming and expertly made pieces in different designs.

37. Bally backpack

Bally brand’s selection of bags for men consists of a variety of materials ranging from sturdy nylon to luxurious leather.

This collection plays on the classical school bag with a modern and latest update. Select a sleek, minimal design or go for a big, bulky bag in an eye-catching color or print.

From shoes to laptops, these bags are wide enough to fit all your essentials.

38. Buscemi backpack for men

Buscemi brand is the creation of Jon Buscemi. He began the brand in 2013 with the intent of creating the best sneaker.

He did not only achieve this goal, but he has developed a range of bags and other accessories as well.

Urban landscapes impact the Buscemi collection. That is crafted using the leathers and embellishments, likewise, 18k gold.

39. Filson backpack

Filson brand’s bags are complimentary for the outdoorsy bloke. These backpacks for men are made to withstand the elements and everything else a thrillseeker can cast at them.

Bags are built with hard-wearing technical materials, like weather-proof leather, rugged twill, and tin cloth.

These are also reinforced with durable bridle leather and brass hardware.

This wide range features a variety of styles and colors, therefore you have durability without compromising style.

40. Crumpler backpack

Crumpler brand has been operating for over 20 years in Melbourne.

This label started to create the highest quality and stylish bags and is also succeeded. Functional, durable and fashionable backpacks for men are not made to be disposable.

Every design is best in quality.

That’s why you know you are getting a top-notch bag without spending top dollar.

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41. Supreme backpack for men

If you want to be a street style star, you must already own a Supreme bag. Moreover 20 years ago, Supreme has been a pioneer of streetwear.

While working with some of the world’s most famous designers, artists, photographers, and musicians, the brand has refined its attitude and style.

Its attractive signature style is reflected all over its bag line.

That features fashion-forward, affordable and edgy backpacks for men and is also practical and made to last.

42. Thom Browne backpack

Thom Browne is popular for his collection of impeccably-tailored suits with a modern edge. The same is also suitable to the designer’s range of bags.

The selection is short but it makes up for it with a whole lot of style.

From the simpler black backpack to the chic white nylon backpack with red, white and blue stripes.

Every bag has a detail which makes it different. These bags are the sophisticated, simple and best size for traveling.


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43. Valas Los Angeles backpack for men

It is one of the most innovative labels when it comes to bag designs, Valas Los Angeles is famous for its iconic Voyager backpacks.

These backpacks available in muted colors and feature eight exterior pockets as well.


44. Versus backpack

Versus brand as its older sibling Versace has a flair for elevating essential pieces with its attractive signature style.

Every bag by Versus brand carries the brand’s astonishing yet cool aesthetic. You can select from simpler black leather backpacks or extravagant printed designs.

Every backpack, consisting of the more outlandish styles, still gets a timeless and unique look.

45. Makaveli backpack

Makavelic backpack for men
Makavelic backpack for men

Makaveli is a Hong-Kong based brand. It makes weatherproof and voluminous backpacks and no compromising on style.

These bags are ideal for the adventurous, thrillseekers, campers, adrenaline-junkies.

46. Moncler backpack


The Moncler brand got its start in the French Alpine village of Monestier-de-Clermont.

In 1952, the label started creating tents, sleeping bags, and quilted jackets to protect workers from the cold.

That’s why you know its bags will shield your belongings from the items. The label’s style leans towards masculine and urban residents.

47. Neil Barrett backpack for men

Neil Barrett backpack for men

A Neil Barrett brand’s bag is the street style addition to any collection.

They are minimalist based but retain Neil Barrett’s signature style of combining streetwear items.

Many of Barrett’s current line is simpler black backpacks with touches of graphic prints. These bags are sizable, affordable and more durable than other high-end bags.


48. Philipp Plein backpack

Philipp Plein backpack for men
Philipp Plein backpack for men

If you need to give your wardrobe a dose of the best bag, Philipp Plein is the label for you.

With being super cool and unique, this label’s bags are also distinctive, functional, timeless, durable, stylish, fashionable, unique, and made from top-quality materials.


49. Salvatore Ferragamo backpack

Salvatore Ferragamo backpack for men

Salvatore Ferragamo brand makes simpler, luxurious and sleek bags. These bags don’t have any fancy embellishments and are functional.

These bags make the ultimate choice for the professional guy on the go. Bags are wide enough to use as a carry-on for short trips.

50. Nike backpack

Nike backpack for men

Nike brand’s fame for crafting best-quality and fashionable sportswear precedes. Its side range is perfect for sport, travel, school and looking good enough.

From simpler styles to those sporting Nike tick, these backpacks for men are wide, comfortable, and good looking. They are affordable in price.


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