6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion Days

6 Mens best wedding rings types for wedding-Fashion Days

Rings become a very common fashion nowadays and in this article, we will discuss men’s best wedding rings. The term “ring” by itself denotes the finger ring.

But there are different kinds of other rings like earrings, neck rings, etc. Rings usually made of hard material like stone, metal, glass, and plastic. They may be set with gemstones (diamond, ruby) or with any type of stone or glass.

If we have a look at the history of the ring then the finger ring has been found in tombs. People in the old kingdom wore a variety of finger rings like famous scarab designs. Rings become more common during the Egyptian middle kingdom.

The title civilization at that time produces different rings at that time including signet rings only a few of which have been discovered.

But now the trend has been changed rings become a popular fashion now in women’s as well as in men’s. Men’s wear rings in the normal routine and special rings on special occasions.

in this article, we will discuss men’s best wedding rings.

Most guys don’t have any idea about how to wear a ring but that, not a big problem. If you are reading this article you will learn everything.

There are many traditions regarding jewelry, in general, many people wear rings as a conspicuous display of wealth. Rings have symbolic functions to marriage, high status. if we talk about best wedding rings for men here is the list of the rings

Men platinum rings:-

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion DaysPlatinum is the king of gold that looks like white gold but it’s much durable. Platinum. Stays pure white for a long time. Platinum is safer for sensitive skin people as in gold ring nickel is used which is harmful to the skin. Platinum Rings are considered to be the men’s best wedding rings

Tungsten carbide rings:-

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion Days

Tungsten carbide is an extremely durable substance so durable and it comes with a Lifetime guarantee. There are also some drawback to this material as if it hit with a lot of force then it will break instead of deforming like gold. Tungsten rings also consider as men’s best wedding rings.

Classic silicone rings:-

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion DaysSilicone rings are great for people with an active lifestyle and for wearing on special occasions.

Silicone is very lightweight then gold and comfortable as most people feel uncomforted wearing a gold ring. These rings are in Trends 2020 at fashion days. Other advantages of the silicon ring are it is not costly and it has a better grip than the metal ring.

Wooden wedding rings:-

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion DaysWooden rings are very special for men at wedding. You can visit Skyline handcrafted wood wedding rings where thousands of varieties are available.

Wooden rings can be made with different types of wood and metal, carbon and or stones are inlaid in wood to make a unique product.

Titanium rings.

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion DaysThe titanium ring is also very lightweight and durable consists as a great metal for men’s best wedding rings.it is very suitable for the people who have some skin problems.

Titanium is very low cost and its shiny appearance makes it more unique. The disadvantage of titanium ring is that sometimes it is harder to remove and resize but it will never cause any allergic reaction.

Men’s two tones wedding rings:-

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion DaysTwo-tone rings offer a very sophisticated look that has a beautiful brushed finish and a comfortable level. It’s very strong but it’s very expensive also but it’s 7 millimeters tw0-tone have a modern look.

Men’s rules for wearing rings:-

 6 Men best Rings types for wedding-Fashion DaysRule 1:- Understand the message:

As we discussed before rings have symbolic representation the rings you wear direct messages.

People usually use rings as a signal of wealth and power. A ring easily identifies your association whether you work in the navy or in the Marine Corps.

People notice your ring and pick up subtle cues based on the rings that you wear. Therefore think about the placement of rings.

It’s hard to miss because rings occupy a prominent place on hands.


Rule 2: Maintain proportion with your hands:

Men should balance the proportion according to their hands. Men with a smaller hand should wear smaller rings and if they have a large hand then feel free to wear large rings.

If you have slim finger then keep your ring compact broadband rings are preferable  on men with fuller digits.

Rule 3: Balance:

How will you balance other jewelry while wearing multiple rings?

If you are wearing a wedding ring and watch on your left hand, balance other rings on the right hand

Don’t crowd the bunch of rings on the same hand while leaving the other hand completely free.

Rule 4: matching according to skin:

Most of the men’s feel confuse to choose between silver or Gold. The choice should be determined according to your skin.

  • Wear silver If your skin has a cool tone and your veins are visible
  • Wear Gold if you have warmer color skin, in that case, your veins wouldn’t be visible. Don’t forget to match your accessories with other things, watch, strap and rings should be in a similar tone. My personal preference is to maintain uniformity.

How many rings should men wear?

Rings per hand max:

Stick to this rule as to be-all-end-all of ring rules. Any more than that and you are going to look like you are trying too hard.

Don’t wear a thumb ring:

Thumbs rings are not important but many people wear because they just come off as tacky and cheesy. Try to wear rings on your forefinger, middle finger or in your pinky finger.

in this article we discuss rings their history different types of rings and best wedding rings for men’s.

We also discuss some rules of wearing rings and how many rings men should wear this article is complete for people who feel confusion in selection of the rings and don’t have any idea about how to wear the ring.

I hope this article will provide you complete guidance in the selection of the rings


Thanks for staying with us on our fashion blog. I hope you are having a good time. Tell us in Comments section that what are you doing at your Fashion days


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