Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Best Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

A hairstyle means to the styling of hair according to your consent. This could also refer to the editing of facial or body hair. There are some great Asian men hairstyles fashions of 2020.

The fashioning and maintaining of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming or fashion and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles. Asian gents are known for their smooth hair.

Asian Men Hairstyles are as follows:

It can be a fade, undercut, slick back, comb over, top knot, man bun, side part, crew cut, or may angular fringe.
Now forward from modern hairstyles to trendy medium and long hairstyles:
The Asian haircuts offer versatility, texture, and volume to hair.

It can be their type of hair that allows them the flexibility in style.
A fashionable and trendy culture is certainly the case for Korean hairstyles. These are hugely influenced by K-Pop stars.

But, you should remember that the top knot and man bun originated from the Japanese Samurai.
Ultimately, a lot of Chinese men have become more stylish.

They are fashion-conscious in recent years.

No matter whatever is the cause, we felt it was important to dedicate a complete page to trendy Asian men’s hairstyles and haircuts.
Some popular hairstyles for Asian men are here.

Best Asian Hairstyles For Men

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Asian Men Hairstyles are an important feature for men. From the Asian men fade to the undercut for the sides to cool hairstyles.

For instance the quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, slick back, and spiky hair.

See these cool Asian hairstyles to inspire your new look in 2020.

Textured short Asian hairstyle:

The textured short Asian hairstyle is the best way to style a natural and messy look. Having short hair on both sides and longer hair on the forehead, the fringe is lightly swept to the side for a unique finish.
Try to remember that, to create a textured look with pomade, you have to apply the product to dry hair.
Hence it was popular in the ’50s and ’60s, but the traditional side part is a timeless men’s hairstyle. We highly recommend it for business or professional workings. Similar to the Asian comb-over, the hard part adds a cool modern look while maintaining a clean and smart style.

Asian comb hairstyle

We have a lengthy comb over hairstyle that seems great if you have the hair type for it. The low taper fade on the sides offers few contrasts. The long hairstyle is combed to the side for a stylish end.

Asian undercut

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Asian undercut is one of the most famous hairstyles for Asian men.
The short comb over hairstyle is best suited with a cool undercut for a high-contrast look. For a fresh and unique style of hair, the barber even added in a line-up.
If you have short sides and a side-swept fringe, this simple hairstyle takes benefit of the fact that Asian men have thick hair. And thick hair is easy to style. The high taper fade is classic for the best gentleman’s haircut.

Short taper fade Asian men hairstyles

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

A fringe on top and short taper fade on the sides shows a very nice hairstyle for Asian gents. This famous Korean hairstyle for gents is the latest and outgoing with the ability to stand out in any crowd.
Use wax for Asian hair to keep this look styled the whole day.


Stylish fringe Asian Style

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

If you are living in Asia and want to look smart, you have to keep your hair on top long and adopt the above-mentioned hairstyle. Asian gents can style a messy yet stylish fringe. Because Asian hair is smooth, you could also create textured spikes or a comb-over too.

Flowing Asian men hairstyle

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Long and flowing hairstyles keep continuing to look nice on guys who can pull them off.
The longer mop top is the best style for gents with thick hair. One challenge is growing out of your hair too.
The disconnected undercut is the latest haircut option that can be styled in many ways. This is a trendy and modern way to rock a messy faux hawk. But having the fun hair designs on the sides, this hairstyle makes for a very fashionable cut and style.

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New Asian hairstyles for men

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Asian men commonly have thick hair. This is a unique feature that not every nationality is blessed with. Having ahead with full hair like Asian men, there is a lot of room for hair experiments.

That’s why it comes as not too surprising that Asian men are number one in line when a new hairstyle hits. We purified here the best Asian hairstyles for men.

Bro Flow Asian men hairstyles

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

The long and soft layers of this haircut frame the face. Bro flow help in to put your eyes in the spotlight.

Bro flow looks nearly any face shape. It is ideal if your hair is thick.

Whenever you cleaned your hair, you should give it a quick upside-down blowout to add volume. Do comb it back, try to add a little side part and let gravity and Mother Nature.

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Faux Hawk Asian men hairstyles

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

The faux hawk provides a lot of versatility to Asian hairstyles for men. It is originated from the Mohawk haircut.

It will permit you to tailor your style perfectly to your preferences. The haircut faux hawk is kept short in the back and then graduates into a longer top layer as well.

To get your desired look simply towel dry your hair and use gel to set hair well. The gel will lift you are looking for on top eventually.


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Low Fade is according to Fashion blog days

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated


The low fade gives a versatile look to men. It is according to fashion days as it can be used to add depth and texture to hairstyle.

This haircut adds a tapered fade above and behind ears. The inner side of the fade is completely up to you. You can give priority to light trim.

You also let the fade smoothly blend into your skin. The format of this cut lies entirely in your choices.

Buzz Cut

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

If you want to liberate yourself from your locks, then buzz cut is the best point. It needs low-maintenance, this cut bares it all and would not leave anywhere to hide.

Buzzcut works for everyone but is recommended if you have strong facial features. Because it works with cheekbones and jawline. The important point about this cut is that it can easily shave by using an electric shaver.


Attractive mid-Fade Haircuts for Men

Slicked Back with Mid Fade

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

The slicked back style is in a rising crowd for Asian hairstyles for men, it is the most favorite style over the last couple of years. It will help if you have quite dark and full hair.

A mid-fade also helps lighten up the look and adds a modern twist. Use the fine-toothed comb and a wet-look gel to sustain locks in place the whole day.

 Crew Cut

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

If you have natural hair, a crew cut is a good option. The complete length of this cut is kept quite short. So the front side of the hair will almost stand up.

The top of the forehead will almost portray a smooth horizontal line. Make sure to use your fingers and a product to add some height and texture in your hair.

Curly Pompadour

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

The pompadour cut is a stylish way to remain in fashion days. While both sides and back of the head are managed tapered.

Having naturally wavy hair, try to use a little product to define individual strands. Use curling iron if your hair is on the sleeker side. If you use the right product, the hairstyle has the potential to last until your further wash.

Disconnected Undercut

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

The disconnected undercut is different in a sense of sharp contrast in length. The sides of the head and back are almost completely shaved off if the crown is kept long.

The winning point of this look is on the volume of hair in your top head.

That’s why this style is best for men with a thick head of hair. Make sure to use waves or curls for a more beachy vibe.

Caesar Cut

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updatedThe Caesar cut has been enjoying a celebrated comeback after many years. This traditional cut is evaluated by the short, horizontally cut bangs.

You can go shorter with it if you wish. Add a textured look to differentiate this hairstyle to your taste.

 Side Part

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updatedA side part makes your look astonishing. Use a comb and a light gel to put your strands into place well. It is better to use a hairspray in place of wax or gel if you have long hair.

Soft Spikes

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Soft spikes are a great cut if your hair is according to it. It requires thinner side hair. The short sides manage a groomed appearance.

Hence the wavy top layers add a playful touch in this cut. After washing towel dry your hair, coat your fingertips with wax. After that start teasing single strands into place until it forms soft peaks.


Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

An undercut is the best option for modern mentality men.

If they are intrigued by the disconnected undercut and not comfortable with the skin-shave, this may be the best version. It is one of the trendy Asian men’s hairstyles.

Sustaining the lower layers of hair buzzed, even not entirely shaved will maintain the integrity of the look while not exposing too much skin at once.


Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Pompadour haircut is sure to be an eye-catcher cut wherever you go. To get this smart look start with a quick blowout.

Combing your top hair will increase your height. Ultimately, tease the front up and back to form voluminous pomp.

To escape your hair from flopping, seal the look with the best amount of hairspray.

Side Bangs

Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updated

Side bangs add a stylish look in your personality. It is defined by an asymmetric line running across your top of the head. Moreover, the top hair is kept longer, will be brushed to the front to add texture.

This is best cut to keep the sides shorter than the crown. The length of hair is up to your selection.

Long Flowy Hair


Popular Asian Men Hairstyles trends in 2020 updatedLong hair is always liked. Asian Long hair has been giving the best return to the center stage. It has not been famous since the grunge movement in the early nineties.

Hence long hair may be a daunting endeavor for the number of people, this cut is a lot more effortless than one can think. For a nice ‘undone’ appearance just let your hair air dry in the sun. Guide your stylish for an undercut if you are edgier.

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