Best jeans brands for men to take in consideration (2020)

Best jeans brands for men to take in consideration (2020)

BEST JEANS BRANDS FOR MEN to take in consideration (2020)

Jeans are a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, the world of denim can be a tricky one to navigate.

Not only do you have to get your head around the various styles, but you also have to figure out what color suits you best.

To assist you in your search for the next ultimate pair, we’ve put together a guide to the best jean brands for men.

How old are jeans? How jeans were born?

Jean’s history culture of the last 140 years may be more than I think. They were the first clothes which are used for working and till now they are in usage.

Then signs of disobedience just to become fashion items.

The history of jeans is old, long and colorful. Actually, Jeans are a kind of pants or trousers. Casually jeans are made from denim or dungaree cloth.

Generally, the term “jeans” means to a specific style of trousers, called “blue jeans”, which were invented by Jacob W. Davis.

He was in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871. Giving priority to the Levi Strauss patented trousers, the term “blue jeans” had been long in use for many garments.

These garments include trousers, overalls, and coats, made from blue-colored denim.

How are the jeans produced?

“Jean” also a historic kind of sturdy cloth. This cloth commonly made with a cotton warp and wool weft and also referred to as “Virginia cloth”.

Jean can be entirely made up of cotton as well, quite similar to denim. In fact, modern jeans were popularized as casual pants by Marlon and James Dean in their 1950s films.

Jeans for men were particularly popularized in The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause. Jeans are leading to the fabric becoming a symbol of rebellion among teenagers, particularly members of the greaser subculture.

From the 1960s till now, jeans became more common and famous among various youth subcultures and the general population.

These days, they became one of the most famous and wanted types of specialty trousers in Western culture. Some historic brands of jeans are Levi’s, Lee, and Wrangler.

Jeans are most wanted wearing products nowadays, Have you any idea why people love to wear jeans?

Whenever you ask anyone what their preferred thing to wear, 95 percent of them would surely like jeans.

The reason is not that jeans are necessarily the most comfortable pair of pants out there. But jeans are the one pair of bottoms you can depend on in a pinch as well. Consider your endless options for styles, trends, affordable and fit.

You are liberal to wear what jeans you wish and after you can wear them. Have you ever worn a comfortable jean?

Forever take away your jean once you’re within so you’ll keep in mind to wear it once more as you withdraw.

You can make your look dreamy and unique by wearing jeans pants:

The dream of being able to create different looks with one single pair of jeans pant is entirely possible.

Actually, denim has come so far over the years that guys are even getting away with few options at work.

Why do people like to wear jeans? They wear jeans because they make them feel comfortable and easy.

We can go everywhere while wearing jeans and are perfectly versatile too. Jeans are light-weighted, fit and easy to wear.

Mostly, people traveling like to use and pack jeans with them.

Are jeans better than the other pants?

There is a number of aspects that play into the claim that jeans are better than any other pants. It is not only a matter of looks.

It sets the standard for trends and comfort without doing any effort.

As you know back-to-school season is fast approaching, retailers are hiking up their denim awareness with brands.

These brands are such as Nasty Gal (creating their very own line to keep the ball rolling for this timeless staple).

Jeans provide all needed features in wearing as comfort, fit and modern:

What do you think, is it possible that all your favorite leggings, soft pants, and maxi skirts will become obsolete?

No, it’s impossible, that’s crazy thinking.

But it feels as above mentioned alternatives are going to take a backseat in your collection to make way for all the bell-bottoms and skinnies.

But high-waisted denim apparel will soon begin to bombard your closet.

If you are fully sold on not allowing denim to become your main squeeze, it’s okay. But I bet that you haven’t fully considered your denim-loving terms.

That’s why I described all the reasons to ditch your beloved tights for jeans this year.

No matter what is your taste or your budget, we will help you in finding the jeans brand that’s right for you. You should go through them before purchasing jeans.


APC best jeans brand men
APC best jeans brand men

APC is thought for its minimalist women’s and guys’ apparel. The series includes denim, similarly to shoes and accessories.

The upmarket French brand features apparel with smooth traces and easy patterns. Moreover, APC’s clothes tend to incorporate traits of navy pieces into their designs.

The label’s denim is famous amongst denim lovers, with one in all their maximum fame being its uncooked-denim selvage jeans.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios Best jean brands for men
Acne Studios Best jean brands for men

Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based fashion house that covers men’s and women’s ready-to-put on in addition to shoes, accessories, and denim.

The collections emphasize splendid tailoring and custom-developed fabrics. Acne Studios is first-rate regarded for its artsy, out of doors-the-box garb within the style enterprise.

AG Jeans

AG best brand Jeans
AG best brand Jeans

Premium denim and designer apparel outline AG Jeans’ collections. Since its release in 2000, the top-class luxury denim logo has tested time and time again its dedication to creating sophisticated collections for style lovers everywhere in the world.


Albam top jeans brands
Albam top jeans brands

Albam is a contemporary menswear logo that focusses on wardrobe-essentials. Defined by way of functionality and pleasant craftsmanship, the impartial London logo is the label of preference for the fashionable modern-day man.

In short, each series boasts undying cloth cabinet favourites which can be as flexible as they’re stylish.

All Saints

All Saints jeans for men
All Saints jeans for men

Specializing in clothing, denim, shoes, and accessories, All Saints is a famous British fashion retailer with shops throughout the globe.

Their denim is famous for its real material and awesome craftsmanship.


World of glamour and Hollywood


AMIRI top brands jeans
AMIRI top brands jeans

AMIRI Amiri’s designs take a notion from the California lifestyle, its garments bringing a costly touch to a laid-back, rocker aesthetic. The label sells everything from denim and sweaters to keychains and hats.


Balenciaga jeans brands
Balenciaga jeans brands

Balenciaga Denim clothes at Balenciaga bring a touch of state-of-the-art aesthetic to laid-returned classics.

The series’s urban wear makes use of stylish cloth to create a palette of deep, inky hues. The label’s minimalist detailing and professional craftsmanship complete the aesthetic.


Balmain top brands for men
Balmain top brands for men

Balmain guys’ denim combines expert tailoring with a fresh new aspect. The label features a variety of different denim patterns consisting of distressed detailing and other embellishments.

The expertly crafted jeans from Balmain are without a doubt a must-have in any man’s wardrobe.

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Belstaff best jeans for men
Belstaff best jeans for men

Belstaff Luxury fashion residence Belstaff is famed for its iconic outerwear and first-rate, designer clothes with footwear and add-ons to match. Today’s luxury logo explores a rugged elegance, with advanced fabrications and delicate silhouettes.


Berluti best jeans brands for men
Berluti best jeans brands for men

Menswear label Berluti originated with bespoke footwear but today offers a full variety featuring ready-to-put on and add-ons that combine traditional craft with a current aesthetic.

Berluti designs combine boldness and imagination, making their garments vital in each man’s cloth wardrobe.

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Best Jeans
Brunello Cucinelli Best Jeans

Brunello Cucinelli uses highly-priced materials and a classic color palette to create high-quality garments.

Their moral and philosophical method to fashion makes this eponymous Italian label a stand out.

While exceptional regarded for his or her knitwear, the emblem also shares outerwear and denim, as well as shoes and add-ons.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein best jeans
Calvin Klein best jeans

The younger, revolutionary variety of denim at Calvin Klein functions jeans made for ordinary lifestyles. In addition to denim, the gathering also consists of tailored apparel, sportswear, underwear, perfume, swimwear, jewelry, and watches.


Canali best jeans brands for men
Canali best jeans brands for men

Canali has long been installed as a pacesetter in tailor-made formalwear. Now it has extended to function more casual garments like denim and knitwear.

The label has the whole lot you want from sharp formalwear to laid-back fashionable weekend put on. Besides, the fashion house preserves the original values of workmanship and first-rate.


Diesel denim blends a palette of cool sun shades with ambitious photograph touches and distressed suggestions to create an understated yet refined aesthetic.

While exceptional-regarded for its denim clothing, the label also features leather-based jackets, watches, and eyewear.


DSquared2 Best jeans
DSquared2 Best jeans

Dsquared2 offers a modern, luxury style with a relaxed streetwear aspect. Since its launch in 1995, the label has installed a presence within the style global for its rebellious elegance and Italian tailoring.

Their menswear is made from distressed denim, outerwear, and add-ons, in short, perfect for people who aren’t afraid to expose off their ambitious and confident fashion.


Dunhill is a luxury style label that specializes in ready-to-put on, custom and bespoke menswear as well as leather-based apparel, and add-ons.

Understated beauty marks the menswear series which functions clothing that’s masculine and practical.

Dolce & Gabbana

Best jeans brands for men
Best jeans brands for men

Dolce & Gabbana started their fashion journey in 1986, generating their first “Real Women.”

One year later, they increased into knitwear, and through 1989 also launched beachwear and lingerie traces. Finally, the first Dolce & Gabbana guys’ collection regarded in 1990.

As with all of Dolce & Gabbana’s apparel, their men’s denim series shows a precise, current charm.

The luxurious fashion residence designs their denim to complement the masculine determine. They also promote perfume and underwear.


The domestic of Japanese denim, Edwin utilizes an exclusive cloth to create precise, great denim designs.

Founded in 1969, the label, in particular, centred on the manufacture of denim. The corporation has because improved to include jackets, sweats, primary tees and more.


Fendi jeans
Fendi jeans

Founded in 1925, Fendi is an eponymous label that quickly gained interest all over the globe.

The adventure started on a busy road in Rome in which Fendi made leather items and fur. Meanwhile today, Fendi’s denim is characterized through a modern, undying aesthetic that embraces a more relaxed fit.

In short, the expertly-made, remarkable clothes will fit right into your weekend cloth cabinet.


The frame is a label that combines the fine of producing in Los Angeles with a smooth, European aesthetic.

Denim and great craftsmanship make this label famous. Also, a virtually British heritage enriches its conventional style.

To sum up, Frame creates fundamentals that result easily complement each different piece in your wardrobe, from the suitable pair of jeans to classic linen tees.


Top jeans brands Givenchy
Top jeans brands Givenchy

An elegant method to casual put on marks denim from Givenchy. The series of men’s denim apparel has an informal avenue-style aesthetic. Meanwhile, Givenchy’s smooth designs in parent-complementing cuts are accentuated with precise gildings for an advanced appeal.

G-Star Raw

G-Star RAW is a Dutch designer clothing logo, based in 1989, which specializes in urban apparel.

That is to say menswear by G-Star Raw boasts the emblem’s modern flair and radical reinvention of denim.

Their fuss-free approach to style sees them playing with new materials, patterns and cuts meanwhile closing actual to their background.


Best jeans brands Gucci
Best jeans brands Gucci

The first Gucci keep was based in 1921 in Florence as a luxurious brand of favor and leather goods.

It is one of the oldest Italian style labels in operation today. Gucci men’s denim is above all recognized for its cutting-edge method to style.

The label is a pacesetter within the fashion world for their first-rate and attention to detail, their apparel representing the pinnacle of high-quality craftsmanship.

Hugo Boss

Experience sophisticated designs and conventional cuts with Hugo Boss’ variety of denim for guys. Their awesome, flattering styles ensure longevity.

Above all, their clothing proves that weekend informal put on maybe simply as sophisticated as it’s miles comfortable.

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant denim for guys celebrates the easygoing Parisian fashion. They use subtle fabrics to create their distinct designs.

Originally a line of knitwear and jerseys, the emblem has seen that increased to consist of shoes, denim and different clothing.

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Established in 2000, Ksubi is a denim-targeted label delivering effortlessly cool garments with aside.

Ksubi capabilities gorgeously crafted slim geared up denim patterns in each light and dark washes.

Above all, the emblem has constructed a global presence. Ksubi has been spotted on many stylish celebrities, from A$AP Rocky to Kylie Jenner.


Levi’s Jeans
Levi’s Jeans

Established again in 1853, Levi’s is one of the international’s biggest clothing agencies and a known leader in denim. In short, your cloth wardrobe isn’t whole without a pair of classic Levi’s denim!

Nudie Jeans

Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans specializes in raw and prewashed denim. In other words, an upbeat, youthful aspect marks the label’s success.

The fashion house also consists of glossy and stylish basics and outerwear, as well as accessories.

Best Jeans styles for men that are in trend 


Off-White jeans
Off-White jeans

Off-White is an Italian luxurious style label, based in 2012. The logo specializes in guys and women’s high-quit streetwear.

The series features smooth hoodies, sporty footwear and, of course, denim. Playful details and younger flair finish off each garment.

Officine Generale

Officine Generale mixes tailoring and workwear for a smart yet informal aesthetic. The label makes use of best the finest fabrics to create apparel for regular life that’s bold and full of personality. The shirts and denim, in particular, are must-haves in your wardrobe.

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NEUW is an independent denim emblem.

The label is dedicated to imparting its wearers with the highest best denim.

To sum up, they offer the handiest the first-class fitting denim in top-class fabric with particular details.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has constantly been known as a terrific American apparel label. It started by making rags into ties and has because developed into a globally recognized luxury fashion residence.

Ralph Lauren offers designer men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing.

The label combines sharp tailoring with a chic and glossy aesthetic. Meanwhile, all of Ralph Lauren’s denim is branded with its hallmark logo.


Prada denim combines precise styling with impeccable craftsmanship. The label has been a global influencer in the fashion enterprise for over 100 years.

Prada is known for generating splendid pieces, with cutting-edge silhouettes and luxury apparel defining its collections.

The Italian fashion residence also consists of handbags, travel add-ons, fragrance, ready-to-wear and other fashion add-ons.

PS by Paul Smith

When Paul Smith opened his first boutique in Nottingham in 1970, it turned into the best menswear location outdoor of London to stock modern labels inclusive of Margaret Howell and Kenzo.

Developing with the rapid fulfillment of his save and its awesome position in the market, he added his designs into the mix.

In 1976, he found out his first official series in Paris on the Men’s Fashion Week, organizing himself as a globally recognized designer.

Today, PS using Paul Smith is a youthful guys’ label that functions brightly colored basics and laid-back, sporty designs as well as a wide variety of denim. The logo makes use of surprisingly skilled tailoring to create cautiously crafted, elegant clothes.

Raf Simons

Launched in 1995, Raf Simons blends stylish tailoring with a hint of youthful energy. The traditional meets contemporary label specializes in denim,

however, it also consists of sneakers, bags, and jewelry. Whether you’re attempting to find regular apparel or formalwear, Raf Simons has something for you.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone Best jeans
Rag & Bone Best jeans

Established in New York in 2002, Rag & Bone distinguished itself with a cutting-edge but understated aesthetic.

Specializing in urban apparel, the gathering is devoted to exceptional tailoring and expert craftsmanship.

Further, the emblem offers everyday denim and tees imbued with the flagship’s smart-casual aesthetic.

In different words, your go-to weekend cloth cabinet is officially sorted!

Tom Ford


Tom Ford becomes set up returned in 2005, launching both its menswear style and add-ons series in 2008.

The label has dressed lots of Hollywood’s main actors which include Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and Johnny Depp.

Today, Tom Ford combines top-class materials with Italian craftsmanship to create a range of state-of-the-art eveningwear.

The emblem specializes in tailor-made clothing and luxurious cashmere as well as accessories. To sum up, their denim range consists of quite a few colors and fits.


Founded in 1960, Valentino quickly became well-known for its haute couture, attracting interest from around the arena.

Meanwhile today, Valentino’s range is defined with the aid of incredible Italian craftsmanship appropriate for all styles of wearers.

Whether you’re looking for a stonewash straight leg or a pair of skinnies, there’s something for each person in their denim series.

You can also anticipate smooth shoes and eye-catching add-ons from the high-cease style residence.


Best jeans brands Valentino
Best jeans brands Valentino

For the past forty years, Versace has been known as one of the maximum steeply-priced fashion labels, selling apparel and accessories worn by using some of the most fashion-ahead influencers around the world.

Gianni Versace turned into one of the first designers to link the fashion enterprise to the music industry, ensuing in enormous achievement for the label. The emblem remains one of the maximum sought-after within the world today.

Versace’s denim series, however, shows a more informal and accessible facet to the label.

A sharp, sophisticated style combined with a younger attitude marks the line’s aesthetic.

In addition to denim, the collection features knitwear and leather-based, bringing a fresh new side to casual streetwear.


Founded in 2000, Visvim creates every garment with a strong focus on craftsmanship and impeccable substances.

The Japanese brand is understood for its timeless apparel that blends a Western ruggedness with Japanese vintage.

Visvim has some of the stores across East Asia.

Also, over one hundred outlets around the sector stock its collection. The past, gift, and destiny closely influence every garment.

In short, their first-rate denim and shoes make this line a standout.

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