How to wear a roll neck jumper in a stylish way

How to wear a roll neck jumper in a stylish way

Don’t worry if you’ve excluded the roll neck from you sartorial vernacular, you’re not alone. The roll neck is one of the most underrated components of the modern man’s wardrobe. However, the humble roll neck jumper is an essential and versatile option that can be dressed up or down. A jumper is always characterized by its close-fitting neck which is worn folded over.

This feature differentiates it from the turtle neck that doesn’t fold. Therefore the rolls neck can be worn from autumn through to spring and take you from drinks with the boys to the bedroom.

Roll neck jumper’s History

Roll neck jumper's History
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The exact origin of the roll neck is dubious it is also known as a ‘polo neck’ or ‘skivvy’. However, the roll necks have been around in some form since the 15 century. Initially worn as a functional item but skivvies were popular with sailors, athletes, and menial workers from the 19th century. However, it was playwright adoption of the polo neck in 1920.

The material of Roll’s neck:




Polo neck is not just sweaters and jumpers typically being seen as a heftier item. Another form-fitting polo roll neck jumper is the perfect base for layering on winter wears in light materials like merino wool and fine cotton this can be worn in warmer months as a sharper alternative to a long-sleeved. The roll neck in fine material allows for more experimentation.


Midweight roll neck jumper
Midweight roll neck jumper Roll neck jumpers, Black roll neck jumpers, roll neck jumper outfits, New roll neck jumper

A mid-weight high neck is perfect for navigating normal temperature days. Thicker cotton makes comfortable staples that can be worn atop chinos for a casual look for business occasions.


Roll neck jumper
Roll neck jumper Roll neck jumpers, Black roll neck jumpers, roll neck jumper outfits, New roll neck jumper

The roll neck in a heavy wool knit provides the perfect winter solution. It can be dressed up or down. If you wear an oversized woolen knit with slim-fitting chinos and Chelsea boots it looks an easy casual outfit. Meanwhile, a thick cream high neck worn under a navy suit provides a business formal sartorial choice.

Neck Jumper outfits

Roll neck and suit:

Roll neck and suit
Roll neck and suit Black roll neck

Ditch the traditional button-down shirt for business casual or on cocktail attire. Always choose a roll neck shirt made for the perfect tie-less office get up. Must select a roll neck in fine merino wool in order to avoid wrinkling under your suit. Roll neck usually works well under the double-breasted suit. Try different color combinations like a grey double-breasted suit with a black skivvy or a tan skivvy worn under a dark brown pinstripe suit.

Full black roll neck jumper:


All black is an effortless way to style almost any garment roll neck is no exception. With color palette feel free to experiment with textures and layers. Hence try pairing a black cashmere polo neck with a woolen suit, and rounding it off with an overcoat for a smart casual winter look.

Roll neck jumper with jeans:

Roll neck jumper with jeans
Roll neck jumper with jeans Roll neck

You can pair the versatile roll neck with everyone’s favorite wardrobe staple jeans. Pin roll your jeans with a camel or brown boots and a white teddy coat. Or pair a simple neutral skivvy with blazer and jeans to nail the street style look.

Roll neck with a coat

Roll neck with a coat
Roll neck with a coat Roll neck

Outerwear can elevate any outfit pair a roll neck slim fitting trouser with a coat in a neutral shade of camel. Alternatively, try checked houndstooth or tartan. For an edgier look wear a designer hoodie over your polo neck and rounding the outfit off with a teddy style coat.

Colorful roll neck outfit

Colorful roll neck outfit
Colorful roll neck outfit

Don’t get stuck in a rut of the neutral color palette. A colorful roll neck can be wear for a smart and casual look. Team a baby blue polo neck with black trousers and a structured grey coat for a cool outfit for the office. Because to achieve a stylish casual look paired dad sneakers with a mustard yellow polo neck.

When you should wear a roll neck

Due to the versatile nature of roll neck, you can easily incorporate it into casual attire. Keep it simple in the warmer month by wearing a colorful skivvy with trousers and sneakers. Try a heavy woolen polo neck with jeans during the cooler part of the year you can also try a warm overcoat and boots with it.

Smart casual

Smart casual
Smart casual Roll neck , roll neck jumper outfits, New roll neck jumper

First of all, the smart casual dress code can be challenging to navigate whether it is relaxed office attire on Friday or Saturday afternoon. For smart casuals and for a variety of situational outfits The roll neck provides the ideal base. Tuck a fine lightweight skivvy into suiting trousers and wear Chelsea boots for an office-appropriate smart casual. Or for a striking white look wear a loose-knit high neck with slim-fitting white chinos and brown boots.

Business casual

With the help of Tailored, you can wear a polo neck in a business environment. A waistcoat or a structured overcoat serves to elevate the polo neck to business casual status.

Business casual
Business casual



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