Top methods to wear pinstripe suit with style

Top methods to wear pinstripe suit with style

Top methods to wear pinstripe with suit with style

Nothing makes a statement like a pinstripe suit and it became an unofficial uniform in the ’20s often worn by gangsters and musicians.

The fashionable ensemble made waves in Hollywood when famous actors such as Cary grant sported them in the ’40s and since it becomes an integral part of formal wear.

You can rock in style when you are heading to an event and want to give these classics a spin.

When to wear a pinstripe suit

When to wear a pinstripe suit

The pinstripe suit is usually seen in the workplace.

This formal and traditional wear is an excellent alternative to something monochrome outside of the office. With this ensemble, you will not stick to a traditional approach.

Don’t wear a tie on a business-casual event rock a sneaker or turtleneck for something a little laid back.

Styling this suit is a trick to master but it looks good once you wear.

This is a good alternative to a dress shirt if you’re heading to a semi-formal event.

A three-piece stirred is best for semi-formal events in winter if you coordinate colors accordingly.

This pattern can easily look muddled when mistakenly mismatched.

In-office it’s better to wear these pieces with a shirt and contrasting tie.

You need attitude to truly pull off this look you will rule the room.

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Black pinstripe suit

Black pinstripe suit

You can’t go wrong in a classic black pinstripe suit.

This ensemble is very hard to botch with its story going back decades.

For a sophisticated feel pair these stylish pieces with a white button-down shirt and grey Tie.

If you want to switch things up a bit try brown dress shoes with a matching belt which adds a modern twist.


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Navy pinstripe suit

Navy pinstripe suit
Navy pinstripe suit

You can get to business in these navy suits. Add professional flair to this pinstripe in a tie and button downmix things up in a pair of sneakers and a turtle neck.

It’s best to stick to neutral hues such as white and gray when styling this formal wear.

You can try contrast color like orange, yellow if you’re looking to make an impact.

You’ll never go wrong with this classic menswear if you’re heading to a business meeting or a wedding.

Blue pinstripe suit

Blue pinstripe suit

You can brighten a room in a blue pinstripe if you’re heading to a summer event. Complement the tie in a lighter shade to create depth in the ensemble.

If you’re not sure about what to match with these ocean colored pieces than you can look to the color wheel.

This is a sophisticated event for any event and no doubt you will look dashing.


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Grey and charcoal pinstripe suit

Grey and charcoal pinstripe suit (1)

Gray and charcoal are looked fantastic on every skin tone and are an easy way to add instant sophistication to any event.

There are many options that you can choose with this color. You can enhance the tint with a complementary shade such as blue.

Choose the shade you prefer every eye will follow you.

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White pinstripe suit

White pinstripe suit

It’s better to steer clear from dark shirts this can make you look like a costume party gangster.

A white ensemble with a light grey looks best with muted tones like grey or sky blue.

You can also inject a cherry red tie but the best accessory you can wear is confidence.

I generally like the look in a white pinstripe suit but I will not recommend a pinstripe suit to a man’s fifth suit at the earliest.

It sounds cool I personally don’t own yet but I find it’s attractive.

Double-breasted pinstripe suit

Double breasted pinstripe suit

Double-breasted suit take your pinstripe suit game up.

This classic outfit is not for the faint-hearted but can look dashing when styled correctly.

The ensemble looks fantastic in dark shades such as black but you can also spice things up in blue or cream.

Tailoring is always will be a perennial requirement for any men.

You will consider something double-breasted whether it is a matching suit or trousers.

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